Angela’s birthday nicpic

Hip hip hooray to Angela today! Or well, not today technically. Technically it was her birthday last Wednesday but we celebrated in the park on Saturday. It was an arvo of confused weather (too hot in the sun and too cold in the shade!) a cute baby and a bunch of lovely folks. Plus food! Who can complain? Certainly not me.

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Best way to spend a Friday night? At a warehouse full of food trucks and bars and people. OH how I have missed shooting food as well. We ate and drank and I put away the camera when we continued the night at an amazingly cute garden place next door.

150717-London-Streetfeast-4 150717-London-Streetfeast-2 150717-London-Streetfeast-5 150717-London-Streetfeast-6 150717-London-Streetfeast-3 150717-London-Streetfeast-7 150717-London-Streetfeast-8 150717-London-Streetfeast-10 150717-London-Streetfeast-13 150717-London-Streetfeast-12 150717-London-Streetfeast-11 150717-London-Streetfeast-15 150717-London-Streetfeast-16 150717-London-Streetfeast-18 150717-London-Streetfeast-19 150717-London-Streetfeast-22

Christmas Day in the burbs

I’m posting this not in order. I have pictures from yesterday’s Christmas eve hangout, but somehow the few photos I shot today went ahead in editing. Oh well. This afternoon we headed east to the suburbs and Eric’s parents who hosted Christmas Day dinner. We were stuffed with delicious Sri Lankan food, petted the big, cuddly dog Khan, went for a walk and then stuffed us even more with dessert. I am so so so stuffed now, but that’s what Christmases should be, right? And with that said, I’m going to switch off the computer and watch a movie. Tomorrow there’s packing and then work and then we’re heading to the Mornington Peninsula for a week – I can’t wait!

Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-1 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-2 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-3 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-4 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-5 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-6 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-7 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-8 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-9 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-11 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-13 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-14 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-15 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-16 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-17 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-18 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-19 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-21 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-22 Christmas-Day-2014-Grigsons-23

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was Christmas Eve, the day we normally celebrate Christmas in Sweden. We had some people over (more pictures to come, too early and too tired to edit any of them!) and I was making desserts. Good timing that I had a spot at a macaron tower making workshop the day before, so the fridge was stocked with delicious macarons from By Josephine. I put together a macaron tower filled with delicious macarons and decorated it with some flowers and leafs that were foraged from the back alleyway. I’m quite happy with how it turned out and it was a hit! When we got over eaten that pretty stuff, thats all…

Now I’m going back to sleep. Merry Christmas y’all!

Macaron-Tower-1 Macaron-Tower-2 Macaron-Tower-3

Luxury Lunching

Probably my favourite part of having an office space in the city is meeting up with friends for lunch. That never gets old. Taking a break amid some project, taking a short walking and eating something delicious over some good conversation, preferably with some sunshine overhead.

Last week most of my biweekly lunch crew bailed, but Eric was still on. We went out on a burger run, and headed to HawkVsBadger. Apparently the regular burger was good, and so was the veggie on. I’m still looking for that one perfect veggie burger though. Anyway. They’re quaint little back door area was so nice, and I splurged and had a beer with lunch. Hey, does that mean that I’m turning a wee bit Aussie now? Having beer for a work week lunch would never happen in Sweden. Ever!

01-HawkVsBadger-1 01-HawkVsBadger-2 01-HawkVsBadger-3 01-HawkVsBadger-4

1 week of food

The other day a friend called me Japanese. Not in general, but in the way I photograph food whenever I’m out eating. I suppose that’s what happens when you start to foodie blog (on Klaus and Fritz, although we post about more than food!). Every meal needs to be documented. It could also be the fact that Melbourne is so food centric. I never really thought about that until a few weeks ago when a friend was visiting from Sweden. Realising that I created our itinerary based on food (and all suggestions about what to do from my friends were about food) it just hit me. Melbourne = food. With that said, here’s a few of the things I have eaten in the last couple of weeks.

Crushed avo + goats cheese at Dee’s Kitchen


Dumplings galore with Angela + Dan at a China Town dumpling place. (No kidding, eh?!)


Delicious bagels at Manchester Press with my lunch crew.


Burger and a beer at Burger & Beers in Richmond with dad + Peter + Juan + Alex.


If I have to come up with a theme I’ll say: dumplings/gyozas and avocado. But it’s all so darn delicious, isn’t it?

Two breakfasts in a row!

Saturday morning we met up with Angela and Eric for some tired, slightly hungover breakfast. There was a big Valentine’s Bash the day before, but I haven’t had the time to prep the video yet (SUCH a big video backlog. Need to get back into editing mode!), so for the next few days, I’ll share pictures galore from our weekend.

First out: Breakfast at Brick Lane, which seems like it’s turning into a tradition. I like traditions, especially if they include delicious food.

140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-5 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-Collage-1 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-8 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-4 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-13 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-Collage-2 140216_BrickLaneBreakfast-11

YUM! We then got in our little rented mini and headed to Phillip Island. But more info + loads and LOADS of pictures from that trip tomorrow. I need to pace myself or y’all will get dizzy and faint for image overload!

Strawberry salad


We’ve had our fair share of hot days over here recently. I’m loving every minute of it (although when I’m writing this I am indoors with the AC running, but that’s probably more due to the fact that I’ve been sleeping in a tent the last few days, but more on that later).

On warm days I always want a different kind of dinner. It needs to feel light, healthy, delicious (always!) and be at least fairly filling. This one option has quickly become a favourite here at home. And it’s super simple too! All you need is this:

  • Strawberries (the more the merrier, I usually get one package for two portions)
  • Salad (whatever you prefer, and however much you want
  • Feta cheese (or tofu if you’re vegan)
  • For vinaigrette: oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

Simply chop up the strawberries and the salad, arrange it prettily on a plate. Sprinkle feta cheese on top. If you’re using tofu, chop it up in small pieces and marinate it in the oil from a can of olives for a while before adding it to the salad. Drizzle balsamic vinegar and oil over as well as salt and pepper to your liking.

Now all you have to do is enjoy it! Preferably with a glass of mineral water infused with any leftover strawberries and maybe a bit of lime. Simply delicious!


My very first Thanksgiving

In Sweden we don’t have Thanksgiving. Therefore I was super excited when I yesterday got the opportunity to join in one, possibly not that traditional, thanksgiving.


I headed over early to help and get help in prepping food. Lani was sporting a ThanksGiving rump.


Birds were prepared. Two chickensies. They looked quite naked.


I got some help preparing one of the dishes we were making (Västerbottenpaj for all you swedes out there)


Social media break! Or possibly checking recipes.


We had a little kitchen helper who only wanted to eat, eat, eat.


This was the batch of the second thing I did – pecan pies. Namely mini pecan pies. I’ve never eaten a pecan before, so this was interesting.


Have a taste!


When the evening came closer, we set the table and lighted the candles.


Then it was time for some pecan pie! And other assorted pies. There’ll be a video (online tomorrow, still in editing mode) with the loads and loads of food. How did the pie taste, you ask? So so. But the vanilla ice cream was stunning!


Juan was there. He showed off his awesome rapping skillz.


We stacked things on Angelas head.


Peter was there.


And Lani.


Jen was our resident DJ and boy was she good at it.


Angela was clear about the first letter in her name.


Half of Edward and half of Eric.



131129-Thanksgiving-Real-4 All in all, quite a great evening. I’m a bit sold on the whole Thanksgiving concept now. Especially when it involves food and a great bunch of people.

Bow down to the almighty Cronut

My friend Lani introduced me to this decadent pastry and I will be forever grateful for this. If it was possible and wouldn’t leave me with scurvy, I would totally live on this pastry alone for the rest of my life.

What is it? A cronut of course! I also got that same weird look on my face first time Lani mentioned it. Yeah, that look that you have right now. I had never heard the word before either. Well, what is it then. It’s a combination of a donut and a croissant.

This one in particular is made of fluffy yet crispy layered croissant dough and stuffed with a cookies and cream filling. Gawd, my mouth is watering just looking at this.  This one is from Adriano Zumbo‘s new patisserie in South Yarra. It scares me a bit that the patisserie is kind of on my way to work. How many cronuts are too many? Infinite?

131110-Cronut-2 131110-Cronut-1