Stockholm with Helena & Jenny / Day 2

Day two! We woke up, enjoyed a Swedish breakfast filled with ALL THE THINGS I HAD MISSED FOR A YEAR (not pictured, I was too hungry, okay?!), then headed into the city. I finally got to visit Fotografiska (which is the photography museum) which was pretty darn ace! We had lunch at Hermans, which has a spectacular views over Stockholm and then just walked through the streets of Södermalm, stopped in a park, went to drink all the wine at Bleck.

This is how I think touristing should be. 1 part people, 2 parts food and wine, 1 part touristy stuff. Perfect!

Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_1 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_2 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_3 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_4 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_5 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_6 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_7 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_8 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_9 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_10 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_11 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_12 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_13 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_14 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_15 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_16 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_17 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_18 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_19 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_20 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_21

Stockholm with Helena & Jenny / Day 1

I had photographed my last wedding on the 7th, travelled on the 8th and we arrived in Sweden on July 9th. And luck would have it that two friends from Melbourne were in Stockholm at the very same time (I mean, luck and luck, it might have been some planning involved in it too…). We’ve know learnt (or cemented, rather) that keeping yourself busy is the very best way to beat jet lag. We wandered the streets of Östermalm, Gamla Stan and Södermalm, sipped on delicious beer, went to look outs (hello Skinnarviksberget, you’re new to me but you’re pretty darn exquisite!) and when the sun finally set we took the two metro stops back to my auntie’s apartment and crashed into bed.

Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_1 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_2 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_3 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_4 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_5 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_6 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_7 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_8 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_9 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_10 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_11 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_12 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_13 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_14 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_15 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_16 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_17 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_18 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_19 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_20 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_21 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_22 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_23 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_24 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_25 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_26

Tasmania / MONA

The boys arrived! We went to MONA and saw all the things. I didn’t take many photos for the next couple of days. I got some bad news about a friend that were expected and I kind of already knew, but got cemented and walked next to me like a little sad companion the next couple of days. I just didn’t want to photograph, there were just too many feelings.

Oh. Also the end of this shows the epic hangover of Abi, Tom and Angela. I’ve rarely seen such epic specimens of hungover people in all my life. Impressive.

Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-1 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-2 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-3 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-4 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-5 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-6 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-7 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-8 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-9 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-10 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-11 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-12 Tasmania2018_Part4_MONA-13 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-1 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-2 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-3 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-4 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-5 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-6 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-7 Tasmania2018_Part4-2_Dark-Mofo-8

Tasmania / Huon Valley

On the way back from our cottage (see yesterday’s post, Bruny Island, people!) we took the scenic route via Huon Valley. Nature treated us to some silly beautiful views, like seriously, it was silly. We crossed a river with a surface as still as a mirror, met a lovely sailor, Angela got weird next to some cottages, had hot chocolate and went through allt the op shops of Huonville (which tbh could be the best named town in the history of cutely named towns) and then ended by heading up to the top of Mount Wellington. We were greeted with insane winds, epic cold and the first snow I’ve ever seen in Australia! But geez, that wind, eh? It kind of felt like the coldest days in Stockholm in mid January (imagine waiting outside for a train at 7am, it’s pitch black, -12 degrees, windy like hell and a vague slushy snow that just keeps pounding your face). Well it was just like that except slushy snow. We went down again, cause you know, cheese to be had and wine to be drunk.

Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-1 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-2 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-3 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-4 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-5 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-6 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-7 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-8 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-9 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-10 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-11 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-12 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-13 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-14 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-15 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-16 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-17 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-18 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-19 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-20 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-21 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-22 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-23 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-24 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-25 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-26 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-27 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-28 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-29 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-30 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-31 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-32 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-33 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-34 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-35 Tasmania2018_Part3_Huon-Valley-36

Pyramid Hill

I had one weekend off in April and I decided I wanted to go on an outing. So I forced a few friends of ours to go to this fancy schmancy airbnb in Pyramid Hill, a few hours north of Melbourne. Turns out I really didn’t take many photos that weekend, except when we headed up the nearby hill (not the pyramid one though, but you can spot that one in the background of a couple of shots!) to do an engagement session for the two newly engaged people on the trip. The proper couples photos will be shared on my proper photo blog (cause that’s what proper people do), but I took some behind the scenes too. I mean, who doesn’t need photos of Ange and Eric looking all weird n stuff. As you do.

PyramidHill_April2018_1 PyramidHill_April2018_2 PyramidHill_April2018_3 PyramidHill_April2018_4 PyramidHill_April2018_5 PyramidHill_April2018_6 PyramidHill_April2018_7 PyramidHill_April2018_8 PyramidHill_April2018_9 PyramidHill_April2018_10 PyramidHill_April2018_11 PyramidHill_April2018_12 PyramidHill_April2018_13 PyramidHill_April2018_14 PyramidHill_April2018_15 PyramidHill_April2018_16 PyramidHill_April2018_17

Spring Hill, part 3

Final day. Late checkout is a marvellous concept. Left-over beer drinking even better. Saying goodbye to sheep and stopping on the way for an indulgent lunch and cake after (none pictured, too busy eating). Saying goodbye to Sam, the silly pug, but not until I’ve done a mini portrait session with him (managed because I bribed him with a singular pop corn). That truly was a weekend in all its weekend glory.

Spring-Hill_2017_46 Spring-Hill_2017_47 Spring-Hill_2017_48 Spring-Hill_2017_49 Spring-Hill_2017_50 Spring-Hill_2017_51 Spring-Hill_2017_52 Spring-Hill_2017_53 Spring-Hill_2017_54 Spring-Hill_2017_55 Spring-Hill_2017_56 Spring-Hill_2017_57 Spring-Hill_2017_58 Spring-Hill_2017_59 Spring-Hill_2017_60 Spring-Hill_2017_62 Spring-Hill_2017_61 Spring-Hill_2017_64 Spring-Hill_2017_63 Spring-Hill_2017_67 Spring-Hill_2017_65 Spring-Hill_2017_66 Spring-Hill_2017_68 Spring-Hill_2017_69 Spring-Hill_2017_70 Spring-Hill_2017_71 Spring-Hill_2017_72 Spring-Hill_2017_73 Spring-Hill_2017_74 Spring-Hill_2017_75 Spring-Hill_2017_76 Spring-Hill_2017_77 Spring-Hill_2017_78 Spring-Hill_2017_79 Spring-Hill_2017_80 Spring-Hill_2017_81

Spring Hill, part 1

This past weekend I headed out to the country with a few friends. And I documented everything. This is what I used to do years ago before starting to work with photography, and I thought I’d lost it, but Paris + Spring Hill has been different. So, I have a bunch more photos to spam you with (even some more from Paris, just need to finish editing them).

Anyhow. Spring Hill. Halfway between Daylesford and Kyneton. Our house had views over rolling hills, friendly sheep and an ace house that we filled with swell people. The first day me and Ange headed up before everyone else to go location scouting a bit in Daylesford (no photos!), followed by some shopping and, badaboom, a pit stop at a lovely lil winery. We befriended the cat, got some wine and headed to Spring Hill for all the views and all the sheep. And that was all for day one.

Spring-Hill_2017_1 Spring-Hill_2017_2 Spring-Hill_2017_3 Spring-Hill_2017_4 Spring-Hill_2017_5 Spring-Hill_2017_8 Spring-Hill_2017_6 Spring-Hill_2017_7 Spring-Hill_2017_9 Spring-Hill_2017_10 Spring-Hill_2017_12 Spring-Hill_2017_13 Spring-Hill_2017_14 Spring-Hill_2017_15 Spring-Hill_2017_16

The Potato Championships of 2017

On Midsummer this year me and Emelie held the biannual event of The Potato Championships. I made a video. It’s not great, but I had fun making it. Also I was tipsy filming it. Whatevs. Potatoes for the win!

Do I have a gif(t) for you!

So, I haven’t been good at updating here cause I’ve been working! But I’m getting there. Slowly! In the meanwhile, here are som gifs I’ve made since being back in Sweden

Emma-Gif Camel-Chewing Alvar-Giffar