A beach, a foal and some sun / NZ 2019

We’re in New Zealand. I had a wedding and we decided to tag on a little holiday. It’s weird, having time off, but I am trying to roll with it. 

First day we left Auckland behind, switched rental cars (cause the one we got initially gave me weird signals and started working VERY oddly) and headed south east. And we ended outside of Whakatane, in this lil Airbnb which is more some sort of luxury camping. A bedroom with doors, but an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, outdoor bath, outdoor everything. And five minutes walk to the beach. 

Bonus points for lots of horses including a stupidly cute foal. 

Oh, and I am trying to learn how to be in photos. So I will try to accept self photos more often. It’s a thing. Please don’t judge. 

Tasmania / Dark Mofo

Last Tasmania post. Woooo!! Peter and Eric took part in the last event of the festival – the Ogoh ogoh. They helped carry that pig, but even though I tried to squeeze past the crowds, I didn’t get a proper photo of them. Oh well, you’ll have to take my word from it. The whole thing was pretty ace, turns out big crowds + symbolic fires are quite cathartic. We then went to Winter Feast, ate everything we could, and went home to bed. The next morning we got on the plane back to Melbs. I miss Tasmania now. That place is so freaking rad.

Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-1 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-2 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-3 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-4 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-5 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-6 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-7 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-8 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-9 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-10 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-11 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-12 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-13 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-14 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-15 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-16

It’s all about the books


Fast or slow reader?
Most of the time fairly fast. I’d say 75%, cause sometimes I just don’t want to rush through it.

Books as thick as bricks or really thin? 
More thick than thin! I can’t do shorter stories. I need it to be at least 200 pages, otherwise it passes too fast!

Library or book store? 
Always a library. I like to keep my books.

Audiobook or e-book?
Neither, really. I like ’em real, but if I have to choose – ebooks.

Hardcover or Paperback? 
Paperbacks, they’re so much easier to deal with.

Vampires or ghosts? 
Ehm, neither? I can do supernatural in stories but like it to be a bit less, well, obvious.

On at a time or slalom reading?
I’d like to say one at a time, but simply ain’t true right now. I haven’t been very good at finishing a book this year…

New or old? 
New! I do like the classics though, but nowadays I don’t have the patience to give them a bit the time they deserve.

Bookmark or dog-ears?
A bit of both, depends on what I have on hand.

Snacks or candy?
Tea! Or a glass of wine.

Biographies or memoirs? 
Another neither, what’s wrong with me? I’m more about fiction.

Horror or chicklit? 
If I have to choose I’ll pick chicklit, but that’ll only do if I haven’t got anything else available.

Couch or the bed?
Couch. I just fall asleep in the bed.

Inside our outside? 
Outside! Or rather, when traveling. That’s my favourite place to read. I miss commuting just because of this, as it used to be the place where I read most of my stuff.

Original language (english) or Swedish translation?
Original language as much as I can. I read most of my books in English.

Poetry or prose?
Prose does a slam dunk! I’m way too (intentionally) shallow for poetry.

Female or male authors? 
Who cares? As long as the book is good.

The book or the movie? 
The book, dead on!

Cook book or bake book?
Either would work just fine. Not that I spend that much time in the kitchen lately..

Love or thriller?
More love than thriller, but both will do.

First grown-up book I read and really liked
Have I told y’all my memory sucks? I’ve tried to conjure it (by looking at my books, because for certain, that one book is somewhere among the piles) but no, I have no idea. I read loads when I was a kid though, and don’t remember most of it. One book I do remember, which isn’t a grown-up one but still, is The Brothers Lionheart, a Swedish fantasy novel. I re-read this about 5 summers as a kid.

Book classic I say I’ve read, but never actually gotten through?
The Brothers Karamazov. I’ve gotten like 2/3 through and tried three times. I do love the story, but the whole russians-with-a-zillion-names kind of gets to me.

Hardest book I’ve read:
Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre. I can’t even describe the amount of anxiety I had for such a long time after this.

Best children’s book author:
Erlend Loe.

Book that touched me most:
This is so hard. What keeps on coming back is books like Blood River (Tim Butcher) or Beasts of no nation (Uzodinma Iweala). Africa seems to be the theme here.

Review your latest read book:
Ehm, this is shameful but I can’t remember the last book I finished. Normally I go through a book a week, but this year, well, that’s not the case. I’ll mention the Wool – Shift – Dust series, by Hugh Howey that I finished probably late last year, which I really couldn’t put down. Or the new Haruki Murakami book I am so longing to read, which is due out in August.

List taken from Niotillfem.

A glass of breakfast

I’m a creature of habit. When I’ve found a restaurant I like, I always want to go back, sit in the exact same spot and order the exactly same thing. It might sound boring, but for me it isn’t. But there is a limit to my habit mania. Breakfast. For quite some time now my standard breakfast is two eggs and five strawberries (fun side note; on a plate that allows you to set up a perfect smiley face). It’s fast, good enough and keeps me full until lunch.

But after two months of nothing but this, I’m bored. And since I started going to an office in the morning, I wanted something super fast, super simple, and of course, absolutely delicious.

With all that said, say hi to my new standard breakfast. It isn’t all that exciting, but it’s simple and fan-frigging-tastic.

131028-YoghurtPioner-2 131028-YoghurtPioner-1

Natural greek yoghurt, Carman’s Clusters (Cranberry and Apple), and some fresh fruit. Preferably eaten in a glass so you can enjoy the pretty layers.

Spring Bloom in Ballarat

Yesterday we rented a car, stowed in a couple of really great friends and drove up to Ballarat. The goal of the journey: Ballarat Art Gallery for an art exhibition opening. One of the awesome friends in the car, Nina, had a video that was part of the exhibition. I’ll share a few snaps of the trip tomorrow. For now you’ll have to settle for this short video of the absolutely amazing blooms on the trees outside the art gallery. There were about 10 of them, all in full bloom and it was absolutely magical standing underneath them and looking up.

Five things I like Wednesday

The Color Run
Being a newly found jogger (still not enjoying it, but still at it) running in color might just do the trick. I wish I could add some coloring to my regular runs as well…

Picnic Weather!
There’s been a bit of a heat wave (I know, I’m repeating this way too often, but I simply can’t stop myself!) and I can’t wait for it to be weekend. Cross your fingers that the weather will keep up because then I simply MUST have a picnic. I love picnics.

130904_Picnicspot 130904_Picnicspot2


Dogs sleeping in a line
No explanation required, right?

Source: Pinterest

A Sweary Angry Yet Accurate Comparison of Policy
Election day’s coming up here in Australia. Of course, I’m not allowed to vote, but I am allowed to have an opinion about it. This page kinda sums up where I’m for. Or rather, what I’m against. Btw, I really like the swear words.



In between moments

This has been a busy week. A very busy week indeed. New projects starting and current projects in full swing. Somewhere in the middle of this I’m trying to keep some sort of social life.

To say I’m tired is an understatement. Or actually, I’m not so much tired as I’m buzzed. For this first time in my life I’m actually having a bit of trouble sleeping because the head is going crazy bouncing off ideas.

Unfortunately this means I haven’t taken my new camera for a proper spin. All I have to show for a weeks ownership is some random pictures from details that I have passed by the last few days. Like the sky that was amazing tonight, the pigeons on the structure above South Yarra Station and the most bewildering and beautiful tree in a backyard of a house around the corner.







Salade de Chèvre Chaud

So, I finally got a new camera! Since I wrecked the old one I have felt a bit uninspired. It’s essentially the same as the one I had before but there’s one fancy difference; video!

I have been wanting to have a SLR with video capabilities for quite some time, and now it’s finally happening. This are my very first stumbling video steps; details from me making Salad de Chèvre Chaud, which very well might be my favourite salad ever.


Salad – whichever, This time a mixed salad blend, organic of course!
Beetroot – 1 per person
A log of goat’s cheese


1. Boil the beetroot
2. Chop the walnuts and roast them a bit in a pan. Put aside.
3. Use a glass or something round to cut out bread the size of your goat’s cheese log.
4. Put the bread in a pan on a baking sheet and top with some goats cheese.
5. In with the goat’s cheese and bread in the oven. On grilled, like 200C.
6. Your beetroots should be done. Remove the skin and chop them into pieces. And don’t worry if they go a bit cold – you’d rather want them colder than warmer.
7. Meanwhile mix a vinaigrette. We did one with a bit of oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and some mustard.
8. Place the salad on a plate and put on as much/little vinaigrette as you like. Top with the beetroots and the walnuts.
9. When the goat’s cheese is golden brown, take it out of the oven and place it on the salad.
10. Enjoy!

1 photo an hour – Wednesday

Note to self afterwards: I need to pick a more exciting day, and no, it’s not the full day. I forgot to snap any pictures after 6 pm. Oh well.

8 am
Woke up and went for a jog. I started jogging again 4 weeks ago and go out running three times a week. Yes, I’m quite proud of myself. 130817-1photoanhour-1

9 am
Done with the jog. Had a shower, put on some clothes and doing my makeup.

10 am
Have an errand to run and need to take the train. Found the warning thingies on the ground quite pretty.


11 am
Errand done! Needed to pick up a few pairs of jeans that had been repaired.

12 pm
View from the train heading back.

1 pm
Back at home. Had a quick bite and then started working. Here on an editorial calendar. The turquoise stuff is this blog!

2 pm
Melbourne weather hits me. From sunny to rainy in a heartbeat.

3 pm
Takes a break from working and start tidying up a bit around the house. Like our bed for example.

4 pm
The sun decides to come back. All blue skies again.

5 pm
Starts prepping dinner.

6 pm
And then eating it. There was a lot of time between prepping and eating. I tried to play the proper house wife (as I so rarely do) and have dinner done when he got back, but he was dead set on working out. So dinner had to wait.

Then I was too busy talking to take any more pictures.

Sunday list

Which is the best combination of two things that you know? 
Right now I’d go with either sunshine + a pitcher of mojitos or heating + chai latte. I see a pattern here.


What did you do for exactly five months later? 
My parents were here and we all were a bit hungover after our Sunday outing (which included horses, wine and beer). Dad made me a table and I got really, really mad because it ended up a bit too yellow. Note to self; don’t have your parents staying with you for more than two weeks at a time.

When were you last jealous of anyone?
Mid last week when I friend landed a job in such a short time. Impressed and a bit envious. I miss having colleagues.

Do you have anything unnecessary you do?
Yes, a lot. Sleeping for one. At least 8 hours per day. And watch a lot of really crappy tv shows. I should know better.

Can you show a picture of something really great?
I can’t pick just one thing, that’s just impossible, so here’s a selection.

01-04-masbuttassar Dogs, or other cute animals. Specially when they put their paws on you and want to be scratched behind their ears.
03-03-landskap2 Summers in Sweden. I wish I had a night time photo though, but I can’t be bothered looking.
04-05-papiihavet Family (and friends, but hey, I don’t have any decent photos of them). Preferably on a beach in Ghana.

What’s the worst thing this week?
I went out for drinks with a friend on Friday. It was an amazing night but unfortunately a bottle broke in my bag and broke my camera, garage remote and completely ruined my wallet. Did I mention that I dropped my phone (which I do at least once a week) but this time the screen broke. Great night that ended in an epic fail. :/

What are you planning to do the rest of the days this week?
It’s the last day of the week, silly! And I plan to stay right here on the couch until it’s time for bedtime. Mmmm, couch.

When did you last have pulpitations?
Can’t remember. Now I feel like I don’t have enough excitement in my life. Note to self: do something really scary soon.

What are you going to do this fall?
It’s not fall here, it’s spring! I’m going to start gardening and keep on running. And be a bit more structured about channeling my creativity.

Do you have any plans for the end of the summer?
End of winter you mean? Well, no. I’m surprisingly plan-less and I’m loving it.

What is the weirdest thing you have done for love?
I would love to say I’ve done something really odd but I can’t remember anything? I’m either a very boring person or just sane. With that said, I would do anything for this man. I mean, I even promised to clean for him (yes, that was my vow).

LovePhoto credits: Rosie Alm

What should you do but can’t muster the energy to actually do?
Live by a schedule! So hard when you’re all on your own and don’t have a team that you can seep up some energy from when you need it.

What do you have in your fridge? 
Cheese, wine, water, eggs, apples and strawberries. Always.


Can you give us a teaser for a coming blog post?

List from Niotillfem.