This might be all I’m going to do today


First day after having a visitor I always need a reset. I mean, it’s amazing and all having so many people come here to visit, but it also takes quite a bit of energy. Therefore I try to schedule in some empty time where I can zone out, have a cuppa and just breathe. One day, and then I’m back to normal again.¬†130816-Tea-1

A walk in Hosier Lane

Melbourne Laneways are famous (and I love them). As is Melbourne graffiti. I find it magical to walk around neighborhoods and find large murals that are simply gorgeous. It adds so much soul and ambience to the city, rather than bland house walls.

Hosier Lane is probably the most graffiti’d alleyway in Melbourne. And it’s probably the most famous place to see some nice street art here as well. We had a visitor staying with us for the last few weeks, and one day when we were heading into town we walked by Hosier Lane for some photos.

130815-Hosier-1 130815-Hosier-2 130815-Hosier-3 130815-Hosier-4 130815-Hosier-5 130815-Hosier-6 130815-Hosier-7 130815-Hosier-8 130815-Hosier-9 130815-Hosier-10 130815-Hosier-11 130815-Hosier-12 130815-Hosier-13 130815-Hosier-14 130815-Hosier-15 130815-Hosier-16 130815-Hosier-17


Rooftop reflections

On Friday I took most of the day of and went to Fitzroy with a friend. After a nice lunch at Vegie Bar we ventured to Naked for Satan for some drinks. I am immensely thankful for the bartender asking us if we were heading for the rooftop bar, as I had no idea they had such a place. Am I happy I know now it? Oh yes, I am. In a heated little part of the outdoor space, we shared a bottle of wine and an absolutely amazing view.

And yes, I do have a thing for rooftop bars. There’s just something about them.

130812-Weekend-1 130812-Weekend-2 130812-Weekend-3 130812-Weekend-4 130812-Weekend-5

Just another lifestyle blog

I know I’m not unique, not even close. It doesn’t matter though. This site, this blog, is just a way for me to work on my writing skills and force me to take more pictures.

The plan is to update twice, but we’ll see how that goes. Cross your fingers and all that.

Here we go!