It’s been two and a half week sine we got back from our Sweden trip. Since then I have:

  • Bought a bunch of new plants
  • Done two engagement shoots
  • Been on a weekend to Daylesford where we were supposed to chill, but we mainly drove around
  • Bought some more plants
  • Had brunch with a new friend
  • Had dinner, every night.
  • Kept the apartment tidy, for almost three weeks straight. It’s a record
  • Ran out of my paper todo lists so now I have an electronic one.
  • Contemplated getting a bucket so I can grow potatoes in it.
  • Fallen more in love with my husband
  • Had my hair all done up (so needed!)
  • Ummm… maybe gotten a few more plants? Yes. I am addicted.
  • Finally bought new runners and today I went on my first run since being back. Gonna back into it, I promise!
  • Had all the chais.

It’s been good. I never knew I loved routines so much but I do. It’s good to be home.

Death by moving

Well, the title might be ever so over dramatic, but due to the amount of tiredness today, I feel prone to being dramatic. After a week of intense prepping alongside working, yesterday was finally the day of the move. With everything packed and ready to go, the movers arrived at 8am in the morning and we got to work. 2 trucks, 4 movers, a massive amounts of stair climbs (our house is 3 stories, our bedroom on the top floor), 5 hours later we were done moving all the things. Now it’s just left to unpack, which currently feels like an unsurmountable task. But you know, I hear sleeping and not carrying things for a while might just help with those energy levels.

Due to mainly carrying things around, I didn’t snap that many pictures. I did however manage to get a couple. First off from the movers at the last stop before heading north, and then some last night when we all sat in the living room, skyped with Lani and popped open a bottle of Moet to celebrate the move. Good times!

Moving-into-Supermansion-2 Moving-into-Supermansion-1 Moving-into-Supermansion-3 Moving-into-Supermansion-4 Moving-into-Supermansion-5 Moving-into-Supermansion-6 Moving-into-Supermansion-7 Moving-into-Supermansion-8 Moving-into-Supermansion-9 Moving-into-Supermansion-10

We’re moving north (of the river)

We’re moving! But only within Melbourne. In a couple of weeks we’re moving north to the river to Carlton. We’re super excited (albeight a little bit stressed). It’ll be a big change as well as we’re moving in with our good friends Eric and Juan.

I thought I’d share the photos of the house for anyone who’s interested.

dbijdice. fbabdehg. efdfgiec. gfdchfjj. adhdbhba. idhbbeag. aibafbej. idahdiih. jbfajbhi. fcgbeefb. ejbaeiei. fjacfhea. gehjjjcf. efeigebe. ghhcdede. jbdcgfbb. ghbcchbd. hfjhjfdh.

I am Sam

It’s been another intense weekend. First off – I’ve shot my first wedding! I’ll share more from that once the editing has been done. Secondly – we’ve had a visitor. From Friday to Sunday, this little fellow has been hanging out in our house, requiring attention, cuddling and food. Always food. Oh, how I want a dog of our own.

I-am-Sam-1 I-am-Sam-8 I-am-Sam-7 I-am-Sam-6 I-am-Sam-5 I-am-Sam-4 I-am-Sam-3 I-am-Sam-2


This little fluffy create has spent Easter with us. I was sneezing like crazy most of the time, but you know what? When you have a little furry one hanging out on the couch next to you, purring and wanting to get pet – I don’t mind the sneezing one bit. Oh how I’ve missed having animals around.

We might get to look after her next weekend too. Cross your fingers!

Cheeky-1 Cheeky-2

All 31st should be celebrated in equal parts style and craziness

Oh my what a weekend. It was my birthday so I threw a party on Saturday. Somehow I always take parties seriously. Like very, very seriously. It’s taken weeks to prep this party, and I have handmade hundreds of paper flowers, painted a blackboard and a whole bunch more. I won’t share any party prepping pics on this blog, I’m saving that for a new blog project I’m starting up with a friend. What I’ll share today are some (increasingly crazy) snaps from the party itself. Because it might have started as an utterly pretty garden party, but as you know, it always ends with crazy dancing to weird music in the living room. Then, somehow magically, the clock turned three, and then two (hey daylight savings!) and we all got too tired to continue the party.

I got myself a couple of camera related gifts this year, and I’ll share pictures of one of them in a few days. It’s oh so purdy and makes me incredibly happy. But the best gift of all I got on that Sunday: Peter did the party cleaning. That, y’all, is quite possibly the best gift I’ve ever received.

GardenPartyBirthdayBash-3 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-2 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-1 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-11 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-2 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-14 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-3 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-21 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-22 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-23 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-24 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-27 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-4 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-31 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-35 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-39 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-40 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-43 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-48 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-50 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-53 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-55 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-56 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-Collage-5 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-59 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-60 GardenPartyBirthdayBash-65

Shopped treasures from Stockholm

It’s been over a month since we got back from Sweden (already!) and I haven’t shown you guys the things we brought back. Because even though there’s plenty stuff for the house available here in Melbourne, there are always a few certain things that I come across that I just have to get. Like these:


A yearly calendar! I only managed to get it up on the wall the other day and haven’t filled in any things yet, but hey, I’ll get there. Love the clean look of it.


This is one purchase and one find in my parents drawers. The bear I got and it matches the little fox, mini bear and squirrel that already have (see this old post for a peek of them).

My brother was going through some boxes at my parents place around Christmas and came trotting down with a beautiful 70s Nikon. He wasn’t sure it was working so I brought it + the extra lens that he also located, back to Australia. I’m still on my first trial film, but it seems to be working just fine! It’s lovely just standing around somewhere in the house, but I love the thought of shooting film. There’s something so flimsy about digital, that you can re-take as much as you want. Film in comparison feels so much more serious. You really pick your moments and think them through. It’s two different ways to shoot, and I kind of like switching between them.


This picture I posted not that long ago, but you’ll get it again. I got that patterned cutting board from my close friend Elin and I love it! I use it every single day and every time I take it out, it makes me a little bit happier.


Last but not least (it took up a fair amount of space in our bags) is this bulb string light. I’ve been looking for bulb string lights for what seems like forever here, but can’t seem to find it. So I simply gave up, gave in, got them in Sweden and had my dad switch out the connector. They fit perfectly around the window in the extra bedroom.

So happy with these purchases. Also so happy that there are no major furniture items to buy to finish this house, now it’s more about the details. And boy do I love them details.

Big Day In – Part 2 – The Party in pictures

Hey, back to the Big Day In! Next up is the imagery. I was too busy running around talking to people/film, so I didn’t shoot as much as I usually do. Good thing that I have friends who are as camera crazy as I am. So many, many, many thanks to Angela Jia Zheng for shooting most of these pictures.


This was the drink of choice that night. I learnt it being a bartender at a wedding party ages ago in Sweden, and it was a recreation of the couple’s favourite festival drink. It felt incredibly suitable to this party. A splash of vodka, fill it up with some lemonady soda, and then use an ice pop as ice cube, taste infuser and general drink stick. Brilliant!


I thought I’d have enough time to get my makeup in order, but nah. Who cares though, it’s a festival! At least my hair still had the bounce from my hairdressing appointment the day before.


Daisy also got a wristband, but since she wasn’t so keen on wearing it around her wrist, she got it around her neck instead. Cute!


Eric was of course there, and Juan were one of the first to arrive. Both got the first VIP passes. There were four of them and they were shared around the group during the day and evening. When you had a pass you had access to the VIP room, which was filled with pillows, fancier snacks and always sparkling wine on ice. Which turned out to be one of the best party ideas ever. Every party I’ll have from now on will feature a VIP section.


A tent was set up in the backyard. You could crawl in for some relaxation. There were music in headphones, some cushions, and it was generally just the perfect place to soak up some energy.


Paul and Lyndsey hanging out in the sun.


Hanging out in the VIP room.


Pouya trying to do casual posing with a champagne cork holder thingy on his nose. Ehm?


Sweet Emmy!


At 5pm (and later at 9pm) Peter and Eric performed a few songs. They played and we all had booklets with the lyrics and were singing along. Those moments were most probably the best times during the night. So sweet, so much fun.


Crazy dancing (?) during the sets.


It looks like they were slightly bored but I bet you they weren’t. I think it all might have been the most epic party I’ve ever thrown.


9pm singing!


Rob really got into the singing!


John trying to show off his dance moves. This picture really encompasses the night. Crazy dancing in our living room. Just as every party should be like! All in all there were about 25 people or so coming and going through the event, if not more. A while there the living room got quite packed.


Peter and Åsmund.


When we were just 7-8 people left, we moved out into the backyard to enjoy the warm light and wave around some glow sticks (if I bought it, I needed to use it, right?). We then moved back in and just talked and played guitar until 3am, when the last people left and I crashed in bed.

Such a long day, but what a day! Already started thinking about what theme to go for at the next party…

An International Potluck

This event actually happened before the last post. Oh well, I have such a huge backlog when it comes to images + videos right now, you’ll have to live with me publishing them all jumbled. This is what happens when you go away for a few weeks and don’t keep up with your regular editing.

Anyway. I’m here to share some pictures from a potluck that was held at our place a couple of weeks back, not complain about my non-existent self discipline.


The dinner was supposed to be held at a friend’s house. But this event was held on the last day of a 5 day heat stroke in Melbourne, with regular temperatures over 40 degrees, and their place didn’t have any AC. So, she asked if we could move it to our place instead, and of course we could!


There was so much food. This is only the savoury setting, there was at least as much sweet thing to taste.


Here’s the actual host. She actually did all the hosting and I pretended to be a guest in my own home. It felt utterly luxurious.

140127_InternationalPotLuck-15 140127_InternationalPotLuck-14 140127_InternationalPotLuck-13

Quite a crowd turned up, and we squeezed in our sofas and on the floor to fit us all.

140127_InternationalPotLuck-12 140127_InternationalPotLuck-11

After a while I showed a Christmas present I got. It was a poufy type garland that I received through a handmade secret santa program. I wasn’t sure what to use of it, but somehow it made the rounds on the head of people around the table.


The sweet table was laid out.


Iulian, the second host, was also there of course.


Peter showing off his poufy hair.


I wasn’t the only one snapping away. Here Åsmund with Angela’s camera.


As the theme of the potluck was ‘International’, we thought it suitable to bring out the snaps we had brought from Sweden just a week earlier.


Such a nice evening, but I was so incredibly full at the end. Delicious, but overwhelming!