Oh, we bought a house too

So, this wasn’t particularly planned of us. Well. My parents have been talking about building a second summer house on the next lot for quite some time and well. This happened instead.

There are lots of things to do, and over time I’ll take you on a tour of the inside and tell you all the things we’re going to renovate. We won’t actually see the house until next year, because, well, we’ve already left Sweden this time around, but dad’s doing some work on it before we get there.

Our outside todo list:
– Re-finish all the windows
– Re-paint the house (red of course, but this will happen in a few years, no rush here)
– Build a new patio at the back. Dad is on this project
– Clear out some of the leftover piles of wood n stuff, and try to make a summer meadow out of parts of the garden.

It’s weird, and exciting, and I can’t wait for next year when we have our very own place. It’s going to be a blast!

Huset-utsidan_July2018_9 Huset-utsidan_July2018_1 Huset-utsidan_July2018_10 Huset-utsidan_July2018_2 Huset-utsidan_July2018_3 Huset-utsidan_July2018_8 Huset-utsidan_July2018_7 Huset-utsidan_July2018_4 Huset-utsidan_July2018_5 Huset-utsidan_July2018_6 Huset-utsidan_July2018_11

It can no longer be winter, the patch is too green.

It’s been a while since I shared any picture from our veggie patch. I just looked up the last pictures I posted and boy does it feel like a different lifetime. Our patch has grown crazily and instead of looking out on a bare patch it’s all green and leafy.




Something or someone ate all our carrots and beetroots a while back, so when we were at St Andrews Market last weekend, I got myself some small plants I could put in their place. So in their place there’s a capcsicum, chili and a couple of small cucumbers.



Our citrus tree has bloomed over and we can start seeing teeny tiny little citruses. We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll grow bigger and not simply fall off.


The lettuce is growing in the small plastic planters as well. This picture reminds me that I really need to weed these out. There’s way too much salad action going on in these small bowls.



Finally our snow peas are taking over the citrus tree. Nowadays I can barely see the citrus for all the peas and they simply keep on growing. I really need to find something taller for them to climb…


Oh! I got more at St Andrews market. Like this olive tree that’s tall and thin but I think has heaps of potential. At least that’s what I hope. I just need to go get some proper planters for it to move into.


This was my view of the patch last Friday. Hanging out in the backyard, enjoying my sunshine under my straw hat. The greenery makes the back feels so much less sterile and I love hanging out there now. Now I long for the day when our patch starts to product stuff we can actually eat. Or oh! We’ve actually had our first salad. It was… salady. But it felt great having grown it from scratch. Can’t wait to eat more from here!

From brown to green to lush

It’s been a while since I shared the progress in our garden. It’s just about a month ago we planted everything and it’s crazy the amount of growth it has been since then. I tend to go out to check the progress about every other day and there’s always something new that has popped up or grown substantially since the last time I checked.


The crazy green in the middle back, that’s part of our potato plants. They seem to be doing great and are growing fast! The small black containers were all planted more recently than anything else. They hold two kinds of lettuce, snow peas and way to the right you see three zucchini plants that have popped through the earth.

There’s one small pot that nothing has happened with – our strawberries. I think I’ll give up on them and use the pot to plant something else. Basil maybe?


There’s things happening in the garden patch as well. Our friend Lorelei’s (aka my garden guru) own lettuce is coming along nicely. In the back you can see the small shoots of the tomato plants, the lush leafs of the potatos and one big flat leaf for the rhubarb. That rhubarb is growing in a really odd way.


The rocket is not looking too shabby either.


This is the back part of the patch where we have even more potatoes. We don’t eat that much potatoes, really, but for some reason I’m quite excited about growing them. You can also see a bit of our zucchinis. Someone likes to chew on them (probably snails) so the hubby’s on snail duty every night.


I know this isn’t edible, but I still had to share. A geranium crazy friend stayed with us back in June and got me a geranium cutting. It looked so sad and lonely so I got it two more friends and popped them into the pot. Now all three of them are blooming. That must be they’re loving my (non-existent) care, right?

Tulips, tulips and then some more tulips

Ok, I am going to try to limit the tulip photos I’m about to pour over you. If you die from tulip overdose, please don’t hold me responsible. With that said, here’s a whole bunch of tulip imagery. No specific order, and no comments as I can simply not muster the energy to actually write them all up.

Guess my favourite. Which is yours?

130923-Tulips-8 130923-Tulips-10 130923-Tulips-11 130923-Tulips-12 130923-Tulips-15 130923-Tulips-19 130923-Tulips-20 130923-Tulips-21 130923-Tulips-23 130923-Tulips-24 130923-Tulips-29 130923-Tulips-33 130923-Tulips-35 130923-Tulips-38 130923-Tulips-40

Sundays might be the best days

I know there’s been too much flower pictures recently. What can I say – I have a spring bug apparently. If you’re not liking it, here’s a fair warning: stay away tomorrow. Because today me and a couple of friends made our way to Dandenongs for a visit to the Tulip Festival. I came back with a few tulips and loads and loads of pictures of, you guessed it, tulips.


But that’s for tomorrow. Now, we’re having dinner with friends. Enjoy your Sunday evening however you’re spending it. xo

I got your note about the sun I’ll try to get out more often

It’s been a while (ok, not that long) since I showed you the progress in our veggie patch. Because boy – things are growing. Maybe not incredibly fast, but it is. And every time something sprouts the very first time, I feel a bit like God.

The thing that’s growing more than anything is the snow peas. Seriously, they’re like a weed and just shooting in length every single day. I have a theory that they are related to bamboo. Not that I’m complaining!

130921-SpringBuds-9 130921-SpringBuds-8 Then we have the teeny tiny potato sprouts that made their way above ground in the last few days. It took what felt like forever, but then they were there and plentiful!
These ones reared their pretty leafs the other day as well. Two small plants are growing and just today I saw a third zucchini leaf that was trying to push through the top soil as well. Just like the tomato plants these were kind of slow. I had almost given up hope completely!

These are the little plants that have been with us the longest. Well, we planted them the same time as everything else, but this Rocket was the first to show up. The plants in the next picture, which is Lorelei’s lettuce, followed close behind. 130921-SpringBuds-4 130921-SpringBuds-3

Spring onions! Of course. They look kinda like our carrots, but I didn’t take any pictures of the carrots. Why? I don’t know.


This is my favourite right now – potatoes! That has probably more to do with the fact that this little leaf (along with two or three more) peeped up today. Eek! Already! 130921-SpringBuds-7

My only worry right now is that something seems to have been chewing off leafs of my beetroots. On a good note, that certain someone (something?) has ignored everything else, but come on – beetroots are my favourite! Don’t eat ’em. Chew some lettuce instead, we have loads of that. But I get it, it’s not as tasty. Now I just have to come up with some way to protect it without it looking completely silly.

All in all – I’m so so so happy that I actually went and got myself a veggie patch. If you know me you’d never think I’d like it, but turns out I really do. Whenever I’m stressed I just go out in the backyard, breath some fresh air, check the plants and see if they need something. Bliss.

Look who’s growing!

Guess if I’m excited? The first few green leafs (if you can even call it that, they’re super tiny!) are now visible in our little garden patch. Hi rocket, grow a bit more and then I’ll eat you up!


Soil, seeds and sunshine


Over the weekend we seemed to be doing what I think everyone else in Melbourne was doing – fixing up and hanging out in the backyard. We bought a garden bed a few weeks ago. Although we put it together alright, we had grossly underestimated the amount of soil required to fill it. It was like trying to fill a black hole with a few pebbles.

Since we don’t have a car, it took us about 3 weeks to get this project going again. But this was the weekend it would happen. So on Saturday we headed of in a rental to the closest Bunnings and bought ourselves loads and loads of soil and compost. I think all in all we got 14 bags. I know. It’s real heavy.




I then spent a good half hour or so just cutting the bags open, pouring them out and mixing them up. I probably went a bit overboard with the whole mixing-the-soil-and-the-compost, but hey, it was my back that was aching the day after, not yours. And there’s also something profoundly relaxing with handling soil. I haven’t felt so relaxed in a long time.


Once the garden bed was filled with soil, I brought out my box of seeds and started writing down what I was about to plant.


Next up – figuring out where everything should fit in. And yes – before you say so, I probably did plant things too close. I’m a newbie and right now I can’t be bothered doing it the right way. If it works, it’s amazing. If it doesn’t, I’ll try again.



Now it was time for the fun part – planting!



Ok, the final product doesn’t look all that exciting. I’ll check back in a couple of weeks to see it there’s been any progress. Until then – keep your fingers crossed for me! Thanks.



Some greens, some grays and some turquoise

Oh my god the weather this weekend! I don’t know where to start to describe it. All I can say is that I am writing this sitting outside in our little backyard. No scarf! No jacket! No nothing! Melbourne felt a bit deserted despite the sunshine and I thought everyone had left the city, but when we headed over to Bunnings to get some soil (well, a lot of soil to be honest) yesterday, we found ’em all. Oh boy was it busy. And I assume everyone did as we did and spent their weekend in their backyards, sipping in some sunshine and getting their hands dirty when prepping the garden for summer.

I’m too busy working today (outside! Yes, I’m very excited about this as you surely have noticed) so I will only share a few snaps I took yesterday in between our planting projects. It’s only a few of our older plants, but hey, be patient and come back yesterday and I’ll share you a bit of the new stuff as well. Promise.


Our sad little oregano plant that managed to survive a winter and a bug infestation. Good on it!



Since I have a history of killing plants, back in april when I got the first plants I thought succulents was a great idea. And they’re thriving so I suppose it was a great idea. Yay me! But their not edible, so I’m a little bit over that…



Last but not least, my pot of geraniums. I had a geranium crazy friend visiting a couple of months back and she was dead set on getting me some geraniums. She found a geranium, snapped it off and I planted it. From the looks of the budding new leaves it seems like it’s doing more than fine!