30 Questions + 30 Answers, the 2017 edition

Angela just told me I did this post a couple of years ago and wondered how many things have changed. Not many, I think, but I thought I might do it again. So, check out the original one here and compare. So much fun for a Saturday, eh?


I started last post with a photo of myself from midsummer. So top is me from midsummer 2015, and bottom midsummer 2017.


Where is your mobile phone?
Ummm, somewhere. I think behind me but I’m too lazy to turn around and look. I think I’m a bit more lax about it nowadays. Sure I carry it with me, but since I do most of my messages over messenger and do very few actual calls, I’m like meh, I know where my computer is, phone can rock up later.


Where is your partner?
He’s in the kitchen making me breakfast. BOOM! A stir fry. We’re doing this weirdo diet that isn’t a diet but that’s totally a diet.

Your hair?
I got it all done up yesterday! It’s orange-y and sweet. I’ll curl that shiz up a bit later cause I have a wedding to shoot later today.

Your mood?
Pretty good. A tiny tiny tiny bit hungover (just so little that I know it’ll be completely cured once that breakfast is finished) and kinda prepped for shooting a 10h wedding today. I’ll give it a 7 out of 10, same as last time!

Your plan for the day?
I’ve got a wedding to shoot! I’m heading off in about 3 hours and all my batteries are charged and memory cards ready to go. I need to do a final minute gear clean + pack my bags but that shit takes 10 minutes. I’ve got that down pat, so I’m pretty chill.


The best thing you know?
Getting things done! Always. Eating delicious thing with a glass of prosecco. Peter, always Peter. Finding your regular spot where they know your order. The only place I had that with just changed up their whole menu and whatnot last week and I need a new stability in life! My friends. Fluffy animals with cuddle needs. Seriously, it’s just the same as last time.

Your dream last night?
Dunno, no memory of any dreams. Sorry y’all!

Your plan in life?
I’m still working on finding a good work-life balance, but I’m making improvements and getting there. I earn enough to take some time off every year and that’s pretty epic. And I started outsourcing certain parts of my business to give some mid week days back during this season. The season just started though, so we’ll see how it goes.

The room you’re in now?
I’m sitting on the bed in our little 1 bedroom apartment cause it’s too bright to sit anywhere else.

Your hobby?
Umm, hanging with friends over a glass of sparkling? Is this a hobby? I kinda lost my reading a while but I’m working on getting it back, little by little.

Your fear?
I’m just gonna copy paste last time’s answer: Death. Always death. I like to be in control and well, death is the ultimate non-control item out there

Who do you want to be in six years?
Ahhhh in six years I’ll be 40 and I’m afraid of ageing (see response above). But heck. At 40 I’ll be doing something I love part time (less work than I am now), we’ll have sorta family that maybe includes a kiddo and maybe a dog? We’ll have a local cafe we always go to on Sunday mornings and we still spend at least 3 months of the year abroad. I don’t make grand long plans now though. I make plans for my business for the next year but then you’ll just have to wait and see what you’re up to?

Where were you yesterday night?
I had a couple of friends over, we watched Bachelorette + had takeout and some wine. Hence the very slight hang over.

What are you not?
I am not a morning person. I just have to accept that.

One thing you wish for?
That Australia stops messing up the citizenship application for us. Also that there’s a resounding YES on the marriage survey. This shit shouldn’t have to be surveyed, just pass it already!

Where did you grow up?
Copy paste old answer, cause I haven’t switched this part out from last time: Mostly in a north western suburb of Stockholm. Two years as a kid my family lived in Ethiopia though. That was oh so important for me and I’m forever thankful for that. Those two years have been more formative to me and my self than the rest of the years outside Stockholm.

What was the last thing you did?
I woke up, played a game on my phone, tidied the apartment from leftovers from yesterday, double checked which time I was starting today, showered a few of my plants and now I’m here, at my computer.

Your TV?
We still don’t have one and I still don’t want one. We watched Bachelorette from my computer screen and that worked just fine thank you very much.

Your pets?
Again, I’ll repeat what I wrote two years ago: Are non existent. That makes me sad. I want a dog.

Bonus: photos of a few dogs I’ve met recently. Plus a horse. We call him Hiccups.

StyledShoot_Slideshow-24 Kate&Willy-SneakPeeks-2 Spring-Hill_2017_77HiccupsLicking_LR


Your computer?
Macbook Pro. A brand spanking new one I bought 6 months ago.

The best thing you own?
My cameras. Cause heck, they create magic.


ps. this is from my first couples session and one from last year. Spot any difference?


Are you missing someone?
Not really right now? I’ve seen most of my close friends in the last month and that’s ace. Nina! But I’ll see her next week.

Your car?
Is called Miles and he’s a dark grey lil corolla. Also a smashing white push bike.


Something you wouldn’t wear? 
Ummm….. Right now a big flowy dress. I’m in a pants phase.

Favourite store?
I’m a Swede by heart, eh? Cos + Weekday + Monki have my heart. I miss ’em like crazy down under. Except Cos, cause we have that.

Your winter?
(this is a Swedish list, so that was ‘summer’ initially. But we’re down under here!)
Was a mix of everything. Two trips to Europe, icy cold winter, a photographer retreat, some time to get some admin done, weekend outings from Melbourne. Looking back it was pretty nice?

Do you love someone?
Ummm yes. Look at this face


Favourite colour?
Black + white + dark greys + metallics cause HECK YEAH. Still on to that light wood shit.

When was the last time you laughed?
I’m gonna guess to something really silly that happened in Bachelorette last night.

When was the last time you cried?
No idea. Ooooh no wait. I was feeling like period-emotional last week and might have shed a tear when I watched a wedding video. Wedding videos always get to me. Other than that? I dunno. It was a while.




It’s been two and a half week sine we got back from our Sweden trip. Since then I have:

  • Bought a bunch of new plants
  • Done two engagement shoots
  • Been on a weekend to Daylesford where we were supposed to chill, but we mainly drove around
  • Bought some more plants
  • Had brunch with a new friend
  • Had dinner, every night.
  • Kept the apartment tidy, for almost three weeks straight. It’s a record
  • Ran out of my paper todo lists so now I have an electronic one.
  • Contemplated getting a bucket so I can grow potatoes in it.
  • Fallen more in love with my husband
  • Had my hair all done up (so needed!)
  • Ummm… maybe gotten a few more plants? Yes. I am addicted.
  • Finally bought new runners and today I went on my first run since being back. Gonna back into it, I promise!
  • Had all the chais.

It’s been good. I never knew I loved routines so much but I do. It’s good to be home.


1. Did you experience something new or do something you’ve never done before?
Umm, I don’t know? Got paid to do my passion? Maybe that.

2. Did you keep your New Years resolutions?
I don’t think I had any, so yes!

3. Did any of your friends become parents this year?
Not during 2015. The first half of 2016 on the other hand is going to be a baby filled time. I know 5 friends who are awaiting little kiddos.

4. Did anyone close to you pass away? 
No, thankfully not.

5. Which countries did you visit?
Vietnam, Sweden and UK. That list is way too short!

6. Is it anything you missed during 2015 that you want for 2016?
A routine! That’ll be my main goal of this year. Plus more travelling. Always more travelling.

7. Which date from 2015 will you always remember? 
No specific date, really. This year has been great, but there have been no specific day or days that have stood out that much tbh.

8. What has been your greatest success during 2015? 
My business. It’s grown like crazy this year and I’m so so proud of myself.

9. Your biggest mistake?
Nothing major, really. That I didn’t get a routine down earlier. That I didn’t spend more time with the husband.

10. Have you been sick or hurt yourself?
Not been sick at all pretty much. Hurt myself by falling of my bike (once), stumbling on the street (once) and generally just banging my toes into things. I’m used to these things though.

11. Your best purchase(s)?
My new camera bodies that I got at the end of the year. Exxy but so worth it!

12. What did you spend most money on?
Those two camera bodies… Although that’s business money, so I guess it doesn’t count. If it doesn’t: eating out and travelling. Worth it!

13. Did something or someone make you really happy?
The fact that I’m earning a steady income now has made my general happiness level just up. Peter, always. And my friends, new and old.

14. Which songs will always remind you of 2015?
I have been listening to barely any music this year. Like really, nothing it all. Podcasts on the other hand, so many. So I’ll say Serial. It’s a pod cast, but boy was I hooked.

15. Were you more happy or sad in comparison to previous years?
Happier, for sure! It’s been a year of making my passion my business and then finding my way through it. It’s been hard and a hell of a lot of work, but it’s paid off.

16. What do you wish you had done more? 
Spent time with Peter. Read. Worked out. Travelled. Didn’t I already answer this one?

17. What do you wish you had done less?
Watched shitty tv shows.

18. How did you spend christmas 2015?
Christmas eve at home in the house with housemate Eric and a bunch of friends popping by. I had made Swedish christmas food and some decorations. Most people were a bit questioning about it all. Then Christmas day at my friend’s house. We had copious amounts of food followed by an outstanding pavlova in the 30+ degree heat.

19. Did you fall in love this year?
A little bit with myself? It might sound weird but I’m starting to really appreciate myself. I might be weird and annoying and have a bunch of not so great traits, but I’m also hilarious and kick ass and such a massive doer.

20. Favourite show on TV?
On Netflix for me, thank you very much. I have watched so crap shows. A few stand out though: Ascension, The Fall and Broadchurch. Although to be fair I had to check my Netflix history to remember that I’ve seen the last two in the last year.

21. Best book?
Barely read this year. I don’t like that part as I’ve always felt like I was an avid reader. Need to pick it up again. Not even naming one now.

22. Best music?
Eh, nothing? Barely listened to music folks. I’m a sad person apparently.

23. Something you wished for and got?
A thriving business!

24. Something you wished for and didn’t get?
A love of working out. Still kinda hate it.

25. What did you do for your birthday 2015?
I was in Vietnam with Peter and my dad. Can’t remember exactly what we did but I’m guessing we were in Hanoi, I got a massage and a pedicure, we had beers and delicious food. It was a good trip.

26. Is there anything that would have made your year even better?
Probably, but I’m happy how it turned out.

27. What made you feel good?
Work! This year I’m going to try to get a routine for work so I can feel like I’m thriving equally on a personal level. Healthier, more sleep and finding a new creative outlet is on my to do list.

28. What is your most clear memory from the news in the last year?
That photo of that little refugee child on the beach.

29. The best new people you’ve met?
I have gotten a bunch of new people in my life this year. Sarah and Carmen that used to be in my office (whom I spent NYE with last night!). My new found photographer friends Bree and Donna.

30. What are your New Years resolutions this year?
1. To have my birthday party (or another party) at a lawn bowls club.
2. Regularly work out. Minimum 2, preferably 3 times a week.
3. Read more, at least 20 books

The first one is the only one I’ll be sure to hold myself against. The last two I’ll try to incorporate in a good way. I need to find joy in that stuff, so that’s what I’ll work on this year. Finding ways to work out that I find fun. Finding more books that I love. And more importantly there: create opportunities to read, because I simply don’t get anything read while at home.

That’s all! Now I’m getting back to what I have started 2016 with: cleaning! The kitchen is almost done and I’ve got some more house to clean. After that: dinner and a movie with me, myself and I. It’ll be swell!

Happy new 2016 everyone! Make it an amazing one!

30 questions + 30 answers


Where is your mobile phone?
Right next to me, as always. As a business owner I need to be on top of my emails. Well I try to be at least. It’s on silent though, always on silent, but I’m more attuned to the buzzing than the signal nowadays.


Where is your partner?
At work I suppose? We work a couple of blocks from each other but rarely see each other during the day.

Your hair?
Newly washed and almost dry. Which means oh so flat.

Your mood?
A little bit tired and not super motivated, but quite good? I would give it a 7 out of 10. This is about as bad as it gets for me nowadays. Turns out working with something you absolutely love make things a lot easier.

Your plan for the day?
Work work work for a few hours more and try to get on top of stuff before the clock hits 3-4 and I’ll have some wine with peeps in the office. Then 5.30 meeting friends for some more drinks and a bit and who knows after that? I’ll need to be able to get up early tomorrow though, as there are Farmers Market plans.

The best thing you know?
Being in the flow while photographing. Hanging out with my favourite people. Eating amazing food. Travelling and making yourself comfortable in a new place. Having a regular spot where they know exactly what you want. Massages. Furry animals who want to cuddle. Getting things done.

Your dream last night?
I was going to shoot a wedding but overslept (to 2pm?! That’s never happened. I love sleeping, but not that much) and then couldn’t find someone to drive me there, then couldn’t find the couple on the festival area (yep, at a festival!) where they were supposed to get hitched. I suppose dream me stresses out about shooting weddings. Awake me is actually quite relaxed about it all. Everything always works out!

Your plan in life?
First step: find a good work-life balance. Second step: Balance it so well that I can spend some time in Europe and see my family and friends every year. Third step: Balance it even better so that I can take a few months off every year and focus on helping out organisations in Africa, or starting my own. I want to love what I do, but also do good.

The room you’re in now?
I am sitting at my desk in my shared office smack in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD. I can hear other people having conversations, as well as vague singing from a busker on Bourke Street. He must have a hell of a speaker.

Your hobby?
This used to be photography and since that now is work I’m looking for a new. In the last week I’ve been taking up knitting again, having dance parties in our bedroom and learning macramé. Oh! And throwing parties. That is totally a hobby, right? I take it dead serious!

Your fear?
Death. Always death. I like to be in control and well, death is the ultimate non-control item out there

Who do you want to be in six years?
In six years I’ll be 38 and I’d want to be a good person. Doing stuff I love and having room to help others. What I’m practically doing I don’t know. I used to have all these life plans and they all got stuffed up (or turned out to be not what I wanted at all) so I stopped planning and started making the most of right now.

Where were you yesterday night?
Out with a friend. We were going for a walk which ended up with coffee, some wine, dinner and a walk back hours later. It was lovely. I have oh so missed here.

What are you not?
I am not afraid of doing new things or taking on new challenges. I’m a problem solver, idea maker and awesome doer.

One thing you wish for?
Finding a hobby that I love, and oh! I want to find a way to exercise that I don’t find really boring. I don’t hate exercising per se, just the activities. I grow bored and can’t motivate me. Haven’t been able to since this one instructor in Sweden ages ago that was oh so hilarious. He made it fun and I miss that. And: to stop being afraid of little insects and spiders and critters so I can actually maintain my little potted garden.

Where did you grow up?
Mostly in a north western suburb of Stockholm. Two years as a kid my family lived in Ethiopia though. That was oh so important for me and I’m forever thankful for that. Those two years have been more formative to me and my self than the rest of the years outside Stockholm.

What was the last thing you did?
Bike to the office? Edit some photos? Respond to emails? All of those things.

Your TV?
We don’t own one, but our housemates have one each. I don’t know how to use it. Actually, I refuse to learn. I do netflix on my laptop though.


Your pets?
Are non existent. That makes me sad. I want a dog. Although: Can I count Ella? Our cat from back when we lived in Sweden. She now happily resides with my brother and his family.

Your computer?
A Macbook Pro that will be exchanged for another MacBook Pro this weekend. Yay!

The best thing you own? 
My cameras. My lenses. My computer. Everything that helps me create my photos.


Are you missing someone?
Yep. Friends + family from back home. Move over here, please?

Your car?
I don’t have one. I have a bike. It’s awesome. I plan on getting a car in the next year though, as I’ll need it for work. For now I just borrow my housemates black little Ford something.

Something you wouldn’t wear:
Geez, a lot. Anything that would show midriff? I love it on other people, but nah, not on me.

Favourite store?
Dangit, don’t know? No one that stands out all that much? I try not to shop that much either.


Your winter? (this is a Swedish list, so that was ‘summer’ initially. But we’re down under here!)
Was quite summery. I spent 2 months in Europe living out of a suitcase. It was lovely, but quite stressful. I’ve been back a month and it already feels like I’ve had too much of a winter now. I am oh so ready for summer!

Do you love someone?
Of course I do!

Favourite colour?
Not a colour but black, greys and white mainly. Also light woods (hello plywood!), nudes, yellows and coral.

When was the last time you laughed? 
Probably yesterday talking about something funny with Angela over dinner? Before that: talking smack with Sarah and Lucy at the office.

When was the last time you cried?
I can’t remember. No seriously, I can’t. I’m sure I’ve cried at some point since getting back but nah. All lost. I remember crying in June after having a fight with my brother over a couple of days. I start crying when I get mad. It’s not a great trait.


Sunday list

Which is the best combination of two things that you know? 
Right now I’d go with either sunshine + a pitcher of mojitos or heating + chai latte. I see a pattern here.


What did you do for exactly five months later? 
My parents were here and we all were a bit hungover after our Sunday outing (which included horses, wine and beer). Dad made me a table and I got really, really mad because it ended up a bit too yellow. Note to self; don’t have your parents staying with you for more than two weeks at a time.

When were you last jealous of anyone?
Mid last week when I friend landed a job in such a short time. Impressed and a bit envious. I miss having colleagues.

Do you have anything unnecessary you do?
Yes, a lot. Sleeping for one. At least 8 hours per day. And watch a lot of really crappy tv shows. I should know better.

Can you show a picture of something really great?
I can’t pick just one thing, that’s just impossible, so here’s a selection.

01-04-masbuttassar Dogs, or other cute animals. Specially when they put their paws on you and want to be scratched behind their ears.
03-03-landskap2 Summers in Sweden. I wish I had a night time photo though, but I can’t be bothered looking.
04-05-papiihavet Family (and friends, but hey, I don’t have any decent photos of them). Preferably on a beach in Ghana.

What’s the worst thing this week?
I went out for drinks with a friend on Friday. It was an amazing night but unfortunately a bottle broke in my bag and broke my camera, garage remote and completely ruined my wallet. Did I mention that I dropped my phone (which I do at least once a week) but this time the screen broke. Great night that ended in an epic fail. :/

What are you planning to do the rest of the days this week?
It’s the last day of the week, silly! And I plan to stay right here on the couch until it’s time for bedtime. Mmmm, couch.

When did you last have pulpitations?
Can’t remember. Now I feel like I don’t have enough excitement in my life. Note to self: do something really scary soon.

What are you going to do this fall?
It’s not fall here, it’s spring! I’m going to start gardening and keep on running. And be a bit more structured about channeling my creativity.

Do you have any plans for the end of the summer?
End of winter you mean? Well, no. I’m surprisingly plan-less and I’m loving it.

What is the weirdest thing you have done for love?
I would love to say I’ve done something really odd but I can’t remember anything? I’m either a very boring person or just sane. With that said, I would do anything for this man. I mean, I even promised to clean for him (yes, that was my vow).

LovePhoto credits: Rosie Alm

What should you do but can’t muster the energy to actually do?
Live by a schedule! So hard when you’re all on your own and don’t have a team that you can seep up some energy from when you need it.

What do you have in your fridge? 
Cheese, wine, water, eggs, apples and strawberries. Always.


Can you give us a teaser for a coming blog post?

List from Niotillfem.