Best song / Day 9 / My Advent Calendar 2013

If you asked me a month ago, I’m sure I would have said something with Mø, like this one, or Pilgrim. That’s some great music right there.

But now the song of the year is the following. For me it’s probably less to do with the song itself (although it’s a great song, no doubt about that) and more to do with it being the song of choice for the video I made for an epic house party a while back. It encompasses this spring in so many ways, and makes me excited + calm + happy all in one.

Now listen.

This is part of a series of posts leading up to christmas day. See the original list here, and all posts in the category here.

A symphony at the chvrch

I’m rarely excited about concerts. It’s been years since I concluded that I’m simply not a concert person, and even though I’d like to be, it’s ok. Every now and then there comes a time where I get all excited about a concert though. I recently got it over the lineup at The Falls Festival, but as we’re doing Christmas in Sweden this year, that was a let down. Therefore, when I stumbled over the info that Chvrches are playing in Melbourne in January, I got a wee bit excited. After all, I have been playing their debut record on repeat this whole spring. I haven’t been this excited about a concert since snagging those two tickets to Mumford & Sons at Debaser back in 2010. Eeek!

What a waste of time

Say hi to my new music love, Mø. This Danish singer has me wound around her finger, and if I could only listen to one artist in the coming year she’s my pick. Unfortunately there’s not much to hear from her on Spotify (at least not the australian version of it), so we’re left with YouTube. Still – enjoy!