The Hoofmeister

Well not really. I suppose these babies haven’t bitten any dust at all so far, as they only were unpacked the other day and haven’t been taken out for a ride at all! Anyway. I used to be a gal wearing high heels (wedges ftw!) all the time back in Sweden. I remember the shoes I got for our wedding party. A friend called them my ‘hoofs’, and that has stuck with me since then. I want them big and bulky, and preferably a bit graphic in the look, and all of them hoof like. Well who am I to argue with my tastes, I’ll just have to follow them.

These pairs arrived from ModCloth during our trip. Now I just hope spring comes soon so I can start wearing them!

New-Shoes-7 Shoes New-Shoes-3

I have a new baby <3

After a 2 month long journey (which felt like a roller coaster) on Gumtree, it finally happened. I got myself a new camera. Sure, it’s no more than 7 months since I got my last camera (after a small mishap with red wine in my bag with the old one), but it was time for a step-up. I’m still keeping my old camera, which has felt a bit like my closest friend these last months. It will be invited to all the cool parties, or less proper occasions. The new one will only we dragged along when its safety can be assured.

This is where I should have a picture of it, but you know, I only got it hastily on Friday night, and sure, I’ve taken a fair amount of pictures with it since then, but just not one OF that one. It’ll come, I’m sure, but I don’t think you’re all very excited about it (at least not as excited as I am). Oh? I didn’t tell y’all what it was? A Canon EOS 5d Mark II. Dang!

I might have just ordered a 35mm prime lense as well. Ehm, yes, I’m going a bit camera crazy. But no complaints from you now, okay? Because this all means that from now on most pictures will be crisper, cleaner and a whole lot nicer. Well I hope that at least. I’m still learning the ropes how to manually get around it, but I’ll get there, I’m sure.

Now, it’s way too late on a Sunday night and I’m going to bed. Buh-bye.

Shopped treasures from Stockholm

It’s been over a month since we got back from Sweden (already!) and I haven’t shown you guys the things we brought back. Because even though there’s plenty stuff for the house available here in Melbourne, there are always a few certain things that I come across that I just have to get. Like these:


A yearly calendar! I only managed to get it up on the wall the other day and haven’t filled in any things yet, but hey, I’ll get there. Love the clean look of it.


This is one purchase and one find in my parents drawers. The bear I got and it matches the little fox, mini bear and squirrel that already have (see this old post for a peek of them).

My brother was going through some boxes at my parents place around Christmas and came trotting down with a beautiful 70s Nikon. He wasn’t sure it was working so I brought it + the extra lens that he also located, back to Australia. I’m still on my first trial film, but it seems to be working just fine! It’s lovely just standing around somewhere in the house, but I love the thought of shooting film. There’s something so flimsy about digital, that you can re-take as much as you want. Film in comparison feels so much more serious. You really pick your moments and think them through. It’s two different ways to shoot, and I kind of like switching between them.


This picture I posted not that long ago, but you’ll get it again. I got that patterned cutting board from my close friend Elin and I love it! I use it every single day and every time I take it out, it makes me a little bit happier.


Last but not least (it took up a fair amount of space in our bags) is this bulb string light. I’ve been looking for bulb string lights for what seems like forever here, but can’t seem to find it. So I simply gave up, gave in, got them in Sweden and had my dad switch out the connector. They fit perfectly around the window in the extra bedroom.

So happy with these purchases. Also so happy that there are no major furniture items to buy to finish this house, now it’s more about the details. And boy do I love them details.

Two markets in one afternoon


On Saturday, after the breakfast at Top Paddock, we steered our way towards the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar. It’s on once a year and we at least had to squeeze in a short visit (I actually went back on the Sunday as well, but with another couple of friends. Phiew! Never again though, I think I overdosed). Lani and Sandra led the way.


We checked out the Scandinavian foodstuffs that was on offer. I got us some cloudberry jam, pearl sugar and vanilla sugar. Peter got himself a couple of bags of cheese doodles (and yes, they’re already finished!)


You could also get ready baked stuff, but nah, that wasn’t for us that day. Looked great though!


We peeked into the church and Lani snapped a picture of the candles.


Lani, Eric, Peter and Jen was done with markets for the day and headed back on home. Sandra and I wasn’t, so we headed on to The Big Design Market.


I get dizzy at Finder’s Keepers, and this was bigger. Oh my!


There was plenty of pretty things.


Like necklaces. I bought one, but not this one.


And really cute booths.


We weren’t the only ones snapping pictures.


This majestic piece was hanging in the middle of the Exhibition Building, It was incredible, and I think no photo could ever do it justice. Although I was too busy ooh-ing and aww-ing to actually snap a proper one.


Sandra, still in her reindeer antlers, took it more serious. She probably has a bunch of pretty pictures of it. Sandra then left, she had to head home before the party in the evening. Me on the other hand took another walk through the market and managed to buy way more than I should have! When leaving I got a bit hungry. Good thing there was a taco truck outside. I got myself some corn chips and guacamole (as I had no patience waiting 20 minutes for some tacos) and sat down in the grass.


Next step – Lani’s goodbye party. More on that tomorrow!

A trip to St. Andrews Market

Yesterday morning at 9am sharp a few friends came by and picked us up. I was almost ready and Peter was running around without a shirt. But what do you expect on a Saturday morning? We might or might not have had an impromptu dinner with about 7 people over on the Friday night. Amazingly fun, but it didn’t really help with keeping us fresh on a Saturday morning.

Anyway. After about an hour in the car we arrived. It was all grey skies and kinda cold, but we got some coffee to warm up (me, a chai latte that was probably the most awful thing I’ve ever tasted) and wandered up and down the market, eyeing all the wares.


Well dressed for such an occasion!



Trent found this amazing little fireman.


A few stalls had china and porcelain. I was eyeing the little coffee cups a bit, but felt it was more important to get something else, namely:


Plants! We left the market with an olive tree, a raspberry bush and small chili, capsicum, cucumber (three c’s!) and one herb that I simply can’t remember now. I think there is a high risk that I’ll cover our backyard in plants soon.


We met the cutest, happiest dog ever. He (she?) didn’t want to stand still though and was jumping around like crazy so I couldn’t get a shot in. Well, I got this one. And it’s kinda representative in a way.


The market was quite varied. From tarots, dream catchers, plants, organic produce, eggs, honey and other edibles to handmade jewelry. It was kind of an eclectic mix and I loved it all.

It’s been more than a month since I ventured outside of Melbourne, so seeing the countryside and some proper greenery and breathing some fresh air was kind of liberating. Note to self: need to do this more often.


My finds at Finders Keepers

I didn’t leave The Finders Keepers without any finds, of course not. That would probably be impossible.  This is the gems that I brought back from the beautiful Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens the day before yesterday.

131007_FindersKeepersFinds-1 131007_FindersKeepersFinds-2

I have jewelry phases. Sometimes I’ll only wear earrings, sometimes only bracelets or sometimes only necklaces. It’s quite rare I combine anything. Needless to say I’m in a massive necklace phase right now. And I couldn’t quite resist these two beauties.


Ehm, washi tape addiction you say? I have no idea what you’re talking about. None at all.


always get this every Finders Keepers. Whenever I give a gift I simply love wrapping it in something amazing. This is it. Even if I don’t use it it looks gorgeous in a basket next to my desk. Now I’m all set for all my wrapping purposes for the next 6 months.

The Finders Keepers

Yesterday it was time for what must be the best indie designer market in Melbourne – The Finders Keepers.


I have been to every single Finders Keepers market in Melbourne since I moved here. This was number three and the market has kept on growing. It’s huge!


There’s so many pretty things. Every time I’m here I always wish I was super rich and could buy pretty much everything. Well not everything, but almost!


I was there in the company of this fabulous lady.


In the middle of one of our laps around the room, we took a dancing break. Why you say? Because dancing is freaking awesome.



Then we continued our browsing. I think we took about 4 laps around the place and we found at least one new stall every lap. It was a bit crazy to be honest.


One stall had the cutest cushions I have ever seen. They had stuffed animals as well. I know I’m not 5 years old but oh my god I had to fight the urge to buy every single one. Especially the yodeling Yoti. Stuffed animal crush!


We stayed almost all the way to closing when our stomachs protested loudly. So we went for Indian food. All in all a great way to spend a Saturday. Now we just have to wait another 6 months for the next Finders Keepers…







Home Details Wish List

1308-WantsThis is what I’m drooling over this August. Mainly final details that would finish off the house real nicely. We’ve got the functionality down, but I still miss some personality. We’ll get there in the end (meaning after I get to buy this lovely lot). First though, I’ll have to win a lottery.

1. Big Sleeping Grizzly Bean Bag, $219, from Chic Sin Design on Etsy.  2. PolyGlobe Pendant Light, $274, from RawDezign on Etsy.  3. Chevron Floor Rug, $249, from Freedom.  4. Tryypyzoyd throw pillow cover, $20, by Spires on (btw, I ADORE pretty much all throw pillow cases there. There is a huge risk I’ll spend way too much money on such things soon…)  5. Vacant Geometry iPhone Skin, $15, by Eric Fan and Garima Dhawan on  6. Ensidig Vase, $1.49, at IKEA.  7. Rice Mutto Lamp, $229, at Sokol.  8. Contour Wooden Bowl, $49.95, Freedom.  9. Elk Wire Sculpture, sold, by Wired by Bud on Etsy.