BBQ + a cat + a trampoline and a bunch of people

Third day in Sweden included a heck of a lot of work in the morning and all the family in the evening. My parents picked up me and Peter and we headed out to my brother and his family in their little summer cabin just outside of Stockholm.

This summer has been insane in Sweden, there was barely any rain until August and almost 30 degrees every single day. I’ve never experienced anything like it in all my life. When we got there in July lots of trees had already started drying out and changing colour and it was quite eerie. So while I was contemplating heat waves and climate change while watching the dried oak trees around their cabin, my niece and nephew trampolined, we cuddled the cat (our old cat, Ella! She’s a gem!), went down to the newly opened BBQ place close by and had dinner and then went back to watch football. You know, the world cup. We had such high hopes for Sweden but alas, it all failed. I can’t remember if this was the night they lost, but let’s go with that. I think it was.

Anyway! Good times! I miss having my family around. I know I am biased, but heck I like ’em. Lucky us my brother + family are heading down under for Christmas. Can’t wait!

Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_1 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_2 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_3 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_4 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_5 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_6 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_7 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_8 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_9 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_10 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_11 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_12 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_13 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_14 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_15 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_16 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_17 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_18 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_19 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_20 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_21 Sweden2018-BBQ-i-Boo_22

Stockholm with Helena & Jenny / Day 2

Day two! We woke up, enjoyed a Swedish breakfast filled with ALL THE THINGS I HAD MISSED FOR A YEAR (not pictured, I was too hungry, okay?!), then headed into the city. I finally got to visit Fotografiska (which is the photography museum) which was pretty darn ace! We had lunch at Hermans, which has a spectacular views over Stockholm and then just walked through the streets of Södermalm, stopped in a park, went to drink all the wine at Bleck.

This is how I think touristing should be. 1 part people, 2 parts food and wine, 1 part touristy stuff. Perfect!

Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_1 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_2 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_3 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_4 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_5 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_6 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_7 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_8 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_9 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_10 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_11 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_12 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_13 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_14 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_15 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_16 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_17 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_18 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_19 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_20 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_21

Stockholm with Helena & Jenny / Day 1

I had photographed my last wedding on the 7th, travelled on the 8th and we arrived in Sweden on July 9th. And luck would have it that two friends from Melbourne were in Stockholm at the very same time (I mean, luck and luck, it might have been some planning involved in it too…). We’ve know learnt (or cemented, rather) that keeping yourself busy is the very best way to beat jet lag. We wandered the streets of Östermalm, Gamla Stan and Södermalm, sipped on delicious beer, went to look outs (hello Skinnarviksberget, you’re new to me but you’re pretty darn exquisite!) and when the sun finally set we took the two metro stops back to my auntie’s apartment and crashed into bed.

Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_1 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_2 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_3 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_4 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_5 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_6 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_7 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_8 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_9 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_10 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_11 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_12 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_13 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_14 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_15 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_16 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_17 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_18 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_19 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_20 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_21 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_22 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_23 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_24 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_25 Sweden2018-Part1-Day1withHelenaandJenny_26

Oh, we bought a house too

So, this wasn’t particularly planned of us. Well. My parents have been talking about building a second summer house on the next lot for quite some time and well. This happened instead.

There are lots of things to do, and over time I’ll take you on a tour of the inside and tell you all the things we’re going to renovate. We won’t actually see the house until next year, because, well, we’ve already left Sweden this time around, but dad’s doing some work on it before we get there.

Our outside todo list:
– Re-finish all the windows
– Re-paint the house (red of course, but this will happen in a few years, no rush here)
– Build a new patio at the back. Dad is on this project
– Clear out some of the leftover piles of wood n stuff, and try to make a summer meadow out of parts of the garden.

It’s weird, and exciting, and I can’t wait for next year when we have our very own place. It’s going to be a blast!

Huset-utsidan_July2018_9 Huset-utsidan_July2018_1 Huset-utsidan_July2018_10 Huset-utsidan_July2018_2 Huset-utsidan_July2018_3 Huset-utsidan_July2018_8 Huset-utsidan_July2018_7 Huset-utsidan_July2018_4 Huset-utsidan_July2018_5 Huset-utsidan_July2018_6 Huset-utsidan_July2018_11

The Potato Championships of 2017

On Midsummer this year me and Emelie held the biannual event of The Potato Championships. I made a video. It’s not great, but I had fun making it. Also I was tipsy filming it. Whatevs. Potatoes for the win!

At the height of a season


Midsummer came and went and it was as it should be. Spotty sun at lunch, rain hanging in the air (but luckily not arriving until 7pm so we got plenty of outside time!), full of food and people and of course or biannually event: The Potato Championships. We borrowed bikes and rode home the 2 km’s to my parent’s summer house in pouring rain, arriving drenched, tired but happy. I filmed and photographed, and maybe maybe I’ll manage to edit that up in the next couple of days. Maybe it’ll be months. I don’t care to be honest, because there’s a lush green (although super cold) summer waiting for me outside.



This is Peter. He is silly and cheeky and annoying and fantastic and makes me laugh like a crazy person, has the best spooning skills ever, longest pauses to think (which drives me insane) and is my partner in life. I couldn’t imagine life without him and just looking at this photo makes me happy. I sound soppy, but turns out I’m totally okay with that, cause heck, I managed to marry the best person ever.

And then I made a fascinating hat

When I arrived in Sweden my mum handed me a paper. It was apparently supposed to be an invite, but looked more like a 6 yo had used word to write up a message and include some clipart. Anyway. It was an invite. To a surprise activity on a Sunday evening. We had no idea what it was and my mum wasn’t telling us a word either, just that it was for me, her, my niece, my auntie and my cousin.

I had theories. In the back of my head I thought “Play! It has to be a play!” cause my mum likes that cultural stuff and from the brief memory I have of that “invite” I think I remember reading something like that? But boy was I wrong. We had a hat class. Or, more correctly, a fascinator class. Oh, and I managed to not photograph my creation. If you’re curious, check out this insty post instead. Try to guess colour + decoration beforehand. I bet you can’t guess it. Or can you?

160618-Hattmakning_2 160618-Hattmakning_1 160618-Hattmakning_3 160618-Hattmakning_4 160618-Hattmakning_6 160618-Hattmakning_7 160618-Hattmakning_5 160618-Hattmakning_9 160618-Hattmakning_8 160618-Hattmakning_10 160618-Hattmakning_12 160618-Hattmakning_11 160618-Hattmakning_17 160618-Hattmakning_16 160618-Hattmakning_15 160618-Hattmakning_13 160618-Hattmakning_14 160618-Hattmakning_19 160618-Hattmakning_20 160618-Hattmakning_18