The Potato Championships of 2017

On Midsummer this year me and Emelie held the biannual event of The Potato Championships. I made a video. It’s not great, but I had fun making it. Also I was tipsy filming it. Whatevs. Potatoes for the win!

An Autumn Arvo and a Lens Whacking Attempt

No, it’s not as dangerous for the lens as it sounds. It’s shooting without a lens attached. Yeah, you still have it, but you just move it around. I stumbled on an article about it recently and I so so so wanted to try it out. So earlier today, I took my small camera and an old 70s Nikon lens out for a walk around the neighbourhood. This little film is what came out of it.

For the love of Jafflechutes

Oh, just realised I forgot to share this story here. Oh well, better late than never, right?

Back in early spring we heard about this thing called ‘Jafflechutes’. You ordered a jaffle (that’s a toasted sandwich for all y’all who don’t know that. I didn’t before all of this) via PayPal, got an email of where and when to show up, and it would come floating down in a jaffle-sized parachute to you. It all sounded quite magical, and me and Sandra knew we had to go, as well as feature it on our site We made sure we ordered some jaffles the next time it was time, and we headed there with an appetite and with our cameras.

It was indeed a magical experience. I always say it’s a little bit like Christmas down there. Packages come floating down, someone catches them, there is a public reading of the names on them and they are then handed out. Everyone gets friendly and is in a really, really good mood.

At this first event, I filmed. I put together one of the first videos I’ve ever done. It was shaky, but kinda cute. We posted it online and within a fairly short period got an email from the Jafflechutes people that they wanted to use it on their site. ‘Of course!’ was our answer.

Anyway. I’m making this story way longer than it needs to be, so I’ll speed it up. I’ve made a new, less shaky, video since. Just before it went live, and after, it’s been doing the rounds on the net. It’s been posted on Gizmodo, on,, Aftonbladet Webb TV, and plenty other sites. At the time of writing this, it has been viewed 35 700 times.

It’s weird, and it’s amazing. Mainly I’m just happy that I got the opportunity to capture this magical Melbourne moment. Things like these are why I love this beautiful city.

Brissy / Day 4 + the video

Last day was the best day. Except possibly the start. At around 6am we woke up by the building’s fire alarm and we tiredly dragged ourselves out of bed and waited outside. Not the greatest way to start a day. Once the building had been checked (some fried bacon were the source of the alarm) we went back in and hung around until we mustered up enough energy to go to breakfast.

We steered the car in the direction of West End. A side note: I couldn’t get the refrain of the song ‘West End Girls’ out of my head during our entire time there. Thank you brain, that was not at all incredibly annoying.

131119-Brissy-Day4-2 131119-Brissy-Day4-3

<3 food. Here the standard chai latte with an Eggs Benedict Hellenic. Halloumi ftw!


We all got the same. Here John throwing himself into the food.


All done! Let’s go.


We saw the cutest little coffee van on the way. Too bad we’d already had too much.


Next stop – Finders Keepers!


First we thought it was super small, but then it turned out to be surprisingly big. I bought a necklace. Yes, it’s possible I have a necklace fetish.

131119-Brissy-Day4-9 131119-Brissy-Day4-10

We took a break in the grass and had a cup of hand pressed apple juice. Yum!


That’s me!


Trying to be rebellious.


After hanging out in the apartment for an hour or so (seriously, you get soooo tired when getting up at you know, super early o’clock) me and Jenny took a wee walk. We were heading to this little bar, but it was closed. Good for us there was another cute place next door that was totally open.

We got ourselves a Holgate each and some olives to nibble on.

131119-Brissy-Day4-14 131119-Brissy-Day4-15

Look how cute it is! O’lea¬†was the name of the place.


Best dinner company!

After crashing on the couch (we were up since SUPER EARLY after all) we tucked into bed early. Monday morning it was time for me to head back home.


Last but not least, I did a little video. I couldn’t help myself.

And that’s all for Brissy this time around.

This is an amazing blog post title, referencing the hike, the lentils and the cup

I had a zillion issues with WordPress last week and wasn’t able to add new posts for a few days. Luckily enough I had scheduled the crap out of most of the days, but that meant I wasn’t able to add in the matching videos to the post about Melbourne Cup Day. Oh well, you’ll get them now instead.

Yes, I’m a bit on a video craze right now. Still learning but I find it so much fun. It’s the only thing I want to do these days.

The one house party to rule them all

On Saturday I was invited to my friend Angela’s (and her housemate Iulian) house party. And boy was it something different. Imagine a house party, throw in some laser lights, a strobe and a smoke machine. Oh, also add DJs, remotely controlling the music from Romania (!!) while getting a live feed from the party. All of this with about 60 people crammed into one not too big 2 bedroom apartment. The only potential outcome is pure magic. And it was.