Christchurch day 1

After not knowing if we were going at all, we finally made it to New Zealand. The first full day consisted of:

1. Driving to the city and trying to find parking that wasn’t in the middle of a giant puddle of water.
2. Walking around the city center (trying to find me some shoes)
3. Drinking a syrup chai
4. Driving to a mall (!!)
5. Buying shoes. And stuff so I can charge my phone + listen to music while driving (so much driving!) + see maps
6. Driving to a big hill and watching a view of Christchurch that completely blew us away. Like literally. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much wind in like forever. Ever? I thought for a second that my phone would blow away if I let it go. Check the post below for windy gifs!

Now going to sip on my glass of wine and go to bed. BAI!

2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-1 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-3 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-4 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-6 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-7 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-10 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-10 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-11 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-13 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-14 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-15 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-18 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-21 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-22 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-26 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-27 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-28 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-30 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-33 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-48 2016-03-24NZChristchurchDay1-49

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