Dachshund races

What can be cuter than sausage dogs racing? Not much I tell you! So when the opportunity came to watch just that on Saturday me and Sarah from the office jumped at the opportunity. Well we might not have literally jumped, as we might have had a wee bit too much wine on the Friday night to allow jumping at that time on Saturday morning.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones with this plan. The place was utterly packed, at least three rows of people all around the little race track, and everyone waving a camera. I managed to get a few shots of those silly little doggies getting their race on, or respectively getting their confusion on and not running at all.

We left an hour later or so after seeing the three finals. I had more plans for the day and for once I actually brought along my camera. But that’s for another post. For now, I’m heading to bed.

Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-8 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-4 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-5 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-13 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-10 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-19 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-20 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-23 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-25 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-26 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-28 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-35 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-16 Dachshaund-Races-Hophaus-2

  1. OMG! I want all of them, NOW!


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