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I thought we’d take a peek at some details around our house today. I will give you the full house tour one day, but that’s not today. You only get a chance to see parts of the house where full chaos and mayhem hasn’t taken over. yet.

We have placed a few white cabinets on one side of our living room. They help hide away the uglies that are necessary to keep somewhere (like our Tourist shelf with guide books or our cable cabinet) without showing them off. As we’re in a rental we’re not allowed to place anything proper on the wall. Or actually, that’s a wee lie. We can put up those tape hooks, but as I haven’t bothered framing a lot of the art we have yet, this is what we have. A lot of piled things on the cabinet. Too much colour for me right now though. 


Across from the cabinets and just above our larger sofa is an arrangement of black and white posters/photographs. I put them up awaiting our artwork, but liked them so much they were allowed to stay.


Party leftovers.


My books arrived a few months back. So far I haven’t been bothered to find a proper storage solution for them so they are neatly arranged in piles around the living room.

130809-HomeDetails-4 130809-HomeDetails-5

Throw pillows in the sofa.


I’ve always wanted Eames chairs. Well this is not the proper ones. We’re simply not that rich so these replicas will have to suffice. I love the look of the legs.


And yes, what’s in the background looking all blurred is more books. There’s about 20 piles scattered everywhere I can fit them. I just can’t get enough of books, okay?

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