Finding a balance, and all that jazz


I’m not happy about this, but I need to re-think my commitment to this blog. Because as much as I keep on repeating to myself that I’ve been extraordinary busy lately, it’s been fairly constant for the last month. Sure, it might still be a bit of a fad, and it might quiet down, but as it looks like right now – that won’t happen for a while. So, as much as it hurts me, I need to cut down on posting here, even though I’d like to keep up. Don’t worry – I’ll still post, but maybe just once or twice a week instead of my original (crazy) aim of once a day.

And this will be the slightly depressing post of the day. I will have a few snaps to post from the last couple of weeks, but I won’t be able to get to that today. First work, then play, right? And I’m not done working yet.

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