From brown to green to lush

It’s been a while since I shared the progress in our garden. It’s just about a month ago we planted everything and it’s crazy the amount of growth it has been since then. I tend to go out to check the progress about every other day and there’s always something new that has popped up or grown substantially since the last time I checked.


The crazy green in the middle back, that’s part of our potato plants. They seem to be doing great and are growing fast! The small black containers were all planted more recently than anything else. They hold two kinds of lettuce, snow peas and way to the right you see three zucchini plants that have popped through the earth.

There’s one small pot that nothing has happened with – our strawberries. I think I’ll give up on them and use the pot to plant something else. Basil maybe?


There’s things happening in the garden patch as well. Our friend Lorelei’s (aka my garden guru) own lettuce is coming along nicely. In the back you can see the small shoots of the tomato plants, the lush leafs of the potatos and one big flat leaf for the rhubarb. That rhubarb is growing in a really odd way.


The rocket is not looking too shabby either.


This is the back part of the patch where we have even more potatoes. We don’t eat that much potatoes, really, but for some reason I’m quite excited about growing them. You can also see a bit of our zucchinis. Someone likes to chew on them (probably snails) so the hubby’s on snail duty every night.


I know this isn’t edible, but I still had to share. A geranium crazy friend stayed with us back in June and got me a geranium cutting. It looked so sad and lonely so I got it two more friends and popped them into the pot. Now all three of them are blooming. That must be they’re loving my (non-existent) care, right?

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  1. I just LOVE the geraniums. I’m so glad I “found” one for you! =) Hihi!

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