I got your note about the sun I’ll try to get out more often

It’s been a while (ok, not that long) since I showed you the progress in our veggie patch. Because boy – things are growing. Maybe not incredibly fast, but it is. And every time something sprouts the very first time, I feel a bit like God.

The thing that’s growing more than anything is the snow peas. Seriously, they’re like a weed and just shooting in length every single day. I have a theory that they are related to bamboo. Not that I’m complaining!

130921-SpringBuds-9 130921-SpringBuds-8 Then we have the teeny tiny potato sprouts that made their way above ground in the last few days. It took what felt like forever, but then they were there and plentiful!
These ones reared their pretty leafs the other day as well. Two small plants are growing and just today I saw a third zucchini leaf that was trying to push through the top soil as well. Just like the tomato plants these were kind of slow. I had almost given up hope completely!

These are the little plants that have been with us the longest. Well, we planted them the same time as everything else, but this Rocket was the first to show up. The plants in the next picture, which is Lorelei’s lettuce, followed close behind. 130921-SpringBuds-4 130921-SpringBuds-3

Spring onions! Of course. They look kinda like our carrots, but I didn’t take any pictures of the carrots. Why? I don’t know.


This is my favourite right now – potatoes! That has probably more to do with the fact that this little leaf (along with two or three more) peeped up today. Eek! Already! 130921-SpringBuds-7

My only worry right now is that something seems to have been chewing off leafs of my beetroots. On a good note, that certain someone (something?) has ignored everything else, but come on – beetroots are my favourite! Don’t eat ’em. Chew some lettuce instead, we have loads of that. But I get it, it’s not as tasty. Now I just have to come up with some way to protect it without it looking completely silly.

All in all – I’m so so so happy that I actually went and got myself a veggie patch. If you know me you’d never think I’d like it, but turns out I really do. Whenever I’m stressed I just go out in the backyard, breath some fresh air, check the plants and see if they need something. Bliss.

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