I have a new baby <3

After a 2 month long journey (which felt like a roller coaster) on Gumtree, it finally happened. I got myself a new camera. Sure, it’s no more than 7 months since I got my last camera (after a small mishap with red wine in my bag with the old one), but it was time for a step-up. I’m still keeping my old camera, which has felt a bit like my closest friend these last months. It will be invited to all the cool parties, or less proper occasions. The new one will only we dragged along when its safety can be assured.

This is where I should have a picture of it, but you know, I only got it hastily on Friday night, and sure, I’ve taken a fair amount of pictures with it since then, but just not one OF that one. It’ll come, I’m sure, but I don’t think you’re all very excited about it (at least not as excited as I am). Oh? I didn’t tell y’all what it was? A Canon EOS 5d Mark II. Dang!

I might have just ordered a 35mm prime lense as well. Ehm, yes, I’m going a bit camera crazy. But no complaints from you now, okay? Because this all means that from now on most pictures will be crisper, cleaner and a whole lot nicer. Well I hope that at least. I’m still learning the ropes how to manually get around it, but I’ll get there, I’m sure.

Now, it’s way too late on a Sunday night and I’m going to bed. Buh-bye.

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