It can no longer be winter, the patch is too green.

It’s been a while since I shared any picture from our veggie patch. I just looked up the last pictures I posted and boy does it feel like a different lifetime. Our patch has grown crazily and instead of looking out on a bare patch it’s all green and leafy.




Something or someone ate all our carrots and beetroots a while back, so when we were at St Andrews Market last weekend, I got myself some small plants I could put in their place. So in their place there’s a capcsicum, chili and a couple of small cucumbers.



Our citrus tree has bloomed over and we can start seeing teeny tiny little citruses. We’re crossing our fingers that they’ll grow bigger and not simply fall off.


The lettuce is growing in the small plastic planters as well. This picture reminds me that I really need to weed these out. There’s way too much salad action going on in these small bowls.



Finally our snow peas are taking over the citrus tree. Nowadays I can barely see the citrus for all the peas and they simply keep on growing. I really need to find something taller for them to climb…


Oh! I got more at St Andrews market. Like this olive tree that’s tall and thin but I think has heaps of potential. At least that’s what I hope. I just need to go get some proper planters for it to move into.


This was my view of the patch last Friday. Hanging out in the backyard, enjoying my sunshine under my straw hat. The greenery makes the back feels so much less sterile and I love hanging out there now. Now I long for the day when our patch starts to product stuff we can actually eat. Or oh! We’ve actually had our first salad. It was… salady. But it felt great having grown it from scratch. Can’t wait to eat more from here!

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