It’s all about the books


Fast or slow reader?
Most of the time fairly fast. I’d say 75%, cause sometimes I just don’t want to rush through it.

Books as thick as bricks or really thin? 
More thick than thin! I can’t do shorter stories. I need it to be at least 200 pages, otherwise it passes too fast!

Library or book store? 
Always a library. I like to keep my books.

Audiobook or e-book?
Neither, really. I like ’em real, but if I have to choose – ebooks.

Hardcover or Paperback? 
Paperbacks, they’re so much easier to deal with.

Vampires or ghosts? 
Ehm, neither? I can do supernatural in stories but like it to be a bit less, well, obvious.

On at a time or slalom reading?
I’d like to say one at a time, but simply ain’t true right now. I haven’t been very good at finishing a book this year…

New or old? 
New! I do like the classics though, but nowadays I don’t have the patience to give them a bit the time they deserve.

Bookmark or dog-ears?
A bit of both, depends on what I have on hand.

Snacks or candy?
Tea! Or a glass of wine.

Biographies or memoirs? 
Another neither, what’s wrong with me? I’m more about fiction.

Horror or chicklit? 
If I have to choose I’ll pick chicklit, but that’ll only do if I haven’t got anything else available.

Couch or the bed?
Couch. I just fall asleep in the bed.

Inside our outside? 
Outside! Or rather, when traveling. That’s my favourite place to read. I miss commuting just because of this, as it used to be the place where I read most of my stuff.

Original language (english) or Swedish translation?
Original language as much as I can. I read most of my books in English.

Poetry or prose?
Prose does a slam dunk! I’m way too (intentionally) shallow for poetry.

Female or male authors? 
Who cares? As long as the book is good.

The book or the movie? 
The book, dead on!

Cook book or bake book?
Either would work just fine. Not that I spend that much time in the kitchen lately..

Love or thriller?
More love than thriller, but both will do.

First grown-up book I read and really liked
Have I told y’all my memory sucks? I’ve tried to conjure it (by looking at my books, because for certain, that one book is somewhere among the piles) but no, I have no idea. I read loads when I was a kid though, and don’t remember most of it. One book I do remember, which isn’t a grown-up one but still, is The Brothers Lionheart, a Swedish fantasy novel. I re-read this about 5 summers as a kid.

Book classic I say I’ve read, but never actually gotten through?
The Brothers Karamazov. I’ve gotten like 2/3 through and tried three times. I do love the story, but the whole russians-with-a-zillion-names kind of gets to me.

Hardest book I’ve read:
Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre. I can’t even describe the amount of anxiety I had for such a long time after this.

Best children’s book author:
Erlend Loe.

Book that touched me most:
This is so hard. What keeps on coming back is books like Blood River (Tim Butcher) or Beasts of no nation (Uzodinma Iweala). Africa seems to be the theme here.

Review your latest read book:
Ehm, this is shameful but I can’t remember the last book I finished. Normally I go through a book a week, but this year, well, that’s not the case. I’ll mention the Wool – Shift – Dust series, by Hugh Howey that I finished probably late last year, which I really couldn’t put down. Or the new Haruki Murakami book I am so longing to read, which is due out in August.

List taken from Niotillfem.

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