On my nightstand: All my friends are superheroes


I’m a sucker for books. And not just any books; they have to be in paper, be written beautifully and have amazing covers. I know that the covers aren’t always very representative of the content, but boy, you should know that quite often they are. I have this preconception that if an author really pours their heart into their work, they will be really passionate about everything about the book – including the cover. So for me a good cover almost always equals a good book.

But this wasn’t the point of my post. I was about to tell you about the book I finished recently.


Everyone say hi to ‘All my friends are superheroes’ by Andrew Kaufman. I know this is an old book, but I don’t really care. I find it so sweet and endearing and it somehow makes me think I have some kind of superpower too. Although the main character, Tom, actually doesn’t.


The book (or rather novella) is a love story between Tom and the Perfectionist, set in Toronto.  the Perfectionist isn’t his first superhero girlfriend. He has had others, such as Someday, with the super power of shrinking. 130808-AllMyFriendsAreSuperHeroes-Text-1


But it’s the Perfectionist that steals his heart. 130808-AllMyFriendsAreSuperHeroes-Text-2 130808-AllMyFriendsAreSuperHeroes-Text-3

It’s such a sweet, odd, weird love story. With a few bits and bobs of superhero weirdness thrown in. It’s also super short, so set off an hour or so next time it’s raining, brew a nice cuppa and enjoy it.

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