Peter gets a haircut

We’re down south! Yesterday we arrived in Kyushu & Arita after a wee bit of delays. Oh well, more time to read my book (reminds me, I should continue this after I post this. Boom!). Yoko and Alyssa greeted us (she’s the cutest!) and later us and Mark headed out for some food and drinks. Today might have started with a wee bit of a headache, but that disappeared and we headed out. The day included a whole heap of driving and stops at a Family Mart to hand over a forgotten drivers license to Yoko, two retail stores to find t-shirts for the festival the boys are heading to next week, one Italian restaurant and some delicious food, a barber and finally a hospital to partake in a couple of Mark’s English classes.

I brought the camera along but only took it up for a couple of minutes while at the barber. Because just look at it – isn’t it epic? Peter’s now sporting a new do. It was about time, his thick mop of hair was growing in all kinds of directions.

Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_1 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_2 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_3 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_5 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_7 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_9 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_4 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_6 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_8 Fukuoka_Peter-klipper-sig_10

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