Salade de Chèvre Chaud

So, I finally got a new camera! Since I wrecked the old one I have felt a bit uninspired. It’s essentially the same as the one I had before but there’s one fancy difference; video!

I have been wanting to have a SLR with video capabilities for quite some time, and now it’s finally happening. This are my very first stumbling video steps; details from me making Salad de Chèvre Chaud, which very well might be my favourite salad ever.


Salad – whichever, This time a mixed salad blend, organic of course!
Beetroot – 1 per person
A log of goat’s cheese


1. Boil the beetroot
2. Chop the walnuts and roast them a bit in a pan. Put aside.
3. Use a glass or something round to cut out bread the size of your goat’s cheese log.
4. Put the bread in a pan on a baking sheet and top with some goats cheese.
5. In with the goat’s cheese and bread in the oven. On grilled, like 200C.
6. Your beetroots should be done. Remove the skin and chop them into pieces. And don’t worry if they go a bit cold – you’d rather want them colder than warmer.
7. Meanwhile mix a vinaigrette. We did one with a bit of oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and some mustard.
8. Place the salad on a plate and put on as much/little vinaigrette as you like. Top with the beetroots and the walnuts.
9. When the goat’s cheese is golden brown, take it out of the oven and place it on the salad.
10. Enjoy!

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