Shopped treasures from Stockholm

It’s been over a month since we got back from Sweden (already!) and I haven’t shown you guys the things we brought back. Because even though there’s plenty stuff for the house available here in Melbourne, there are always a few certain things that I come across that I just have to get. Like these:


A yearly calendar! I only managed to get it up on the wall the other day and haven’t filled in any things yet, but hey, I’ll get there. Love the clean look of it.


This is one purchase and one find in my parents drawers. The bear I got and it matches the little fox, mini bear and squirrel that already have (see this old post for a peek of them).

My brother was going through some boxes at my parents place around Christmas and came trotting down with a beautiful 70s Nikon. He wasn’t sure it was working so I brought it + the extra lens that he also located, back to Australia. I’m still on my first trial film, but it seems to be working just fine! It’s lovely just standing around somewhere in the house, but I love the thought of shooting film. There’s something so flimsy about digital, that you can re-take as much as you want. Film in comparison feels so much more serious. You really pick your moments and think them through. It’s two different ways to shoot, and I kind of like switching between them.


This picture I posted not that long ago, but you’ll get it again. I got that patterned cutting board from my close friend Elin and I love it! I use it every single day and every time I take it out, it makes me a little bit happier.


Last but not least (it took up a fair amount of space in our bags) is this bulb string light. I’ve been looking for bulb string lights for what seems like forever here, but can’t seem to find it. So I simply gave up, gave in, got them in Sweden and had my dad switch out the connector. They fit perfectly around the window in the extra bedroom.

So happy with these purchases. Also so happy that there are no major furniture items to buy to finish this house, now it’s more about the details. And boy do I love them details.

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