Some greens, some grays and some turquoise

Oh my god the weather this weekend! I don’t know where to start to describe it. All I can say is that I am writing this sitting outside in our little backyard. No scarf! No jacket! No nothing! Melbourne felt a bit deserted despite the sunshine and I thought everyone had left the city, but when we headed over to Bunnings to get some soil (well, a lot of soil to be honest) yesterday, we found ’em all. Oh boy was it busy. And I assume everyone did as we did and spent their weekend in their backyards, sipping in some sunshine and getting their hands dirty when prepping the garden for summer.

I’m too busy working today (outside! Yes, I’m very excited about this as you surely have noticed) so I will only share a few snaps I took yesterday in between our planting projects. It’s only a few of our older plants, but hey, be patient and come back yesterday and I’ll share you a bit of the new stuff as well. Promise.


Our sad little oregano plant that managed to survive a winter and a bug infestation. Good on it!



Since I have a history of killing plants, back in april when I got the first plants I thought succulents was a great idea. And they’re thriving so I suppose it was a great idea. Yay me! But their not edible, so I’m a little bit over that…



Last but not least, my pot of geraniums. I had a geranium crazy friend visiting a couple of months back and she was dead set on getting me some geraniums. She found a geranium, snapped it off and I planted it. From the looks of the budding new leaves it seems like it’s doing more than fine!
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