Stockholm with Helena & Jenny / Day 2

Day two! We woke up, enjoyed a Swedish breakfast filled with ALL THE THINGS I HAD MISSED FOR A YEAR (not pictured, I was too hungry, okay?!), then headed into the city. I finally got to visit Fotografiska (which is the photography museum) which was pretty darn ace! We had lunch at Hermans, which has a spectacular views over Stockholm and then just walked through the streets of Södermalm, stopped in a park, went to drink all the wine at Bleck.

This is how I think touristing should be. 1 part people, 2 parts food and wine, 1 part touristy stuff. Perfect!

Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_1 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_2 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_3 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_4 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_5 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_6 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_7 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_8 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_9 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_10 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_11 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_12 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_13 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_14 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_15 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_16 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_17 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_18 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_19 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_20 Sweden2018-Part1-Day2withHelenaandJenny_21

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