Sulphur, lollies and all of the steam

Yesterday we went to White Island, which isn’t white at all and fucking with my brain cause every time I think White Island all I see is “Vitön” which is the name of the island where in the 1930s the remains of the failed polar expedition of Andrée. There was an amazingly nerdy Swedish book about this expedition I read about a few years back and it kept repeating in my mind. If you’re curious (and you should be!) read the Wikipedia article here.

Anyway. This isn’t an polar expedition. This was a day outing to an active marine volcano. It smelled of farts, looked epic and weird and epic and weird. There were spluttering holes, a geyser (which mainly looked like dirty water spluttering amongst pillars of billowing smoke. You can spot it in one or two photos, good luck finding it!), blood tasting waters and an old factory.

We did not see a whale on the way back, but I did spot a shiny seal on the cliffs of the island and we saw a dolphin fin three times. All in all, a good day.

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