Tasmania / Dark Mofo

Last Tasmania post. Woooo!! Peter and Eric took part in the last event of the festival – the Ogoh ogoh. They helped carry that pig, but even though I tried to squeeze past the crowds, I didn’t get a proper photo of them. Oh well, you’ll have to take my word from it. The whole thing was pretty ace, turns out big crowds + symbolic fires are quite cathartic. We then went to Winter Feast, ate everything we could, and went home to bed. The next morning we got on the plane back to Melbs. I miss Tasmania now. That place is so freaking rad.

Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-1 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-2 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-3 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-4 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-5 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-6 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-7 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-8 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-9 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-10 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-11 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-12 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-13 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-14 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-15 Tasmania2018_Part5_Dark-Mofo-16

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