Tulips, tulips and then some more tulips

Ok, I am going to try to limit the tulip photos I’m about to pour over you. If you die from tulip overdose, please don’t hold me responsible. With that said, here’s a whole bunch of tulip imagery. No specific order, and no comments as I can simply not muster the energy to actually write them all up.

Guess my favourite. Which is yours?

130923-Tulips-8 130923-Tulips-10 130923-Tulips-11 130923-Tulips-12 130923-Tulips-15 130923-Tulips-19 130923-Tulips-20 130923-Tulips-21 130923-Tulips-23 130923-Tulips-24 130923-Tulips-29 130923-Tulips-33 130923-Tulips-35 130923-Tulips-38 130923-Tulips-40

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