Two markets in one afternoon


On Saturday, after the breakfast at Top Paddock, we steered our way towards the Scandinavian Christmas Bazaar. It’s on once a year and we at least had to squeeze in a short visit (I actually went back on the Sunday as well, but with another couple of friends. Phiew! Never again though, I think I overdosed). Lani and Sandra led the way.


We checked out the Scandinavian foodstuffs that was on offer. I got us some cloudberry jam, pearl sugar and vanilla sugar. Peter got himself a couple of bags of cheese doodles (and yes, they’re already finished!)


You could also get ready baked stuff, but nah, that wasn’t for us that day. Looked great though!


We peeked into the church and Lani snapped a picture of the candles.


Lani, Eric, Peter and Jen was done with markets for the day and headed back on home. Sandra and I wasn’t, so we headed on to The Big Design Market.


I get dizzy at Finder’s Keepers, and this was bigger. Oh my!


There was plenty of pretty things.


Like necklaces. I bought one, but not this one.


And really cute booths.


We weren’t the only ones snapping pictures.


This majestic piece was hanging in the middle of the Exhibition Building, It was incredible, and I think no photo could ever do it justice. Although I was too busy ooh-ing and aww-ing to actually snap a proper one.


Sandra, still in her reindeer antlers, took it more serious. She probably has a bunch of pretty pictures of it. Sandra then left, she had to head home before the party in the evening. Me on the other hand took another walk through the market and managed to buy way more than I should have! When leaving I got a bit hungry. Good thing there was a taco truck outside. I got myself some corn chips and guacamole (as I had no patience waiting 20 minutes for some tacos) and sat down in the grass.


Next step – Lani’s goodbye party. More on that tomorrow!

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