Two months in four days

I haven’t been in Sweden in a year and a half. It doesn’t feel like all that long, but it is. And on Thursday I’ll board a plane and head north, far north. Home. I’ll spend two months overseas seeing friends and family, celebrating my mums birthday, hugging all my close friends I’ve missed like crazy, hanging out with my niece and nephew, shoot a wedding in the middle, and then celebrate midsummer (my best Swedish holiday!) in the lush Swedish countryside.

And I can’t wait. Where I used to be stressed about having time for it all, this time I’m seeing it all in a different light. Sweden is no longer where I live. I’m still Swedish and in a way I’m coming home, but I’m more of a tourist than I’ve ever been. And that excites me. I want to re-discover my home country. Go to the archipelago. Have lunch at delicious restaurants. Walk the streets of old towns and ride fast fast fast on a bicycle on a gravel path in the countryside.

Three more days until I’m on that plane. Four more until I’m there. The countdown has begun.

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